Thursday, September 9, 2010

rain rain go away ...

Seems like the rain has been here all week (or all summer) and isn't thinking of leaving any time soon.

The rain has caused me to work out indoors twice this week and is currently preventing me from going to trivia at Tijuana Flat's.  Since I haven't had time at work to do my blogging (the nerve of my job getting in the way of mindless blogging) I decided to get some gibberish written while I wait for the rain to subside.

It is much easier for me to talk myself out of working out than it is to talk myself into working out.  For example, today would've been a good day to continue my indoor cardio routine except I knew I would be leaving Honey alone later in the evening while I went to trivia.  God forbid the dog is alone all day while I'm at work, while I'm in the gym, and then again while I'm out with friends.  So I had to choose what activity to cut out ... exercising was out of the picture faster than you can say "my dog runs the show."

In my defense (wow I didn't know I had to have a defense against myself) I did work out on Tuesday and Wednesday.

  • cycled 3.82 miles in 21 minutes (while I was reading Eat, Pray, Love)
  • ellipticized (made up word) 1.75 miles in 19 minutes (still reading Eat, Pray, Love)
  • ran on the treadmill 3.1 miles in 27:30 minutes
  • cycled 5.8 miles in 17 minutes (this time I brought down the new Runner's World magazine to read)
At least 40 minutes of cardio each day ... not too shabby.  I've also managed to be a vegetarian for the past 3 days ... mostly unintentional.  When Ryan is out of town I really hate making myself meals, let alone taking out a pack of chicken to defrost for just one person.  If the rain would ever stop I would continue my vegetarianism at Tijuana Flat's while ordering black bean tacos.  Mmmmm tacos.  Damn you Florida rain!

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