Monday, August 9, 2010

will run for pizza ...

Last night Ryan and I plowed through 5.15 miles in 47:55 minutes.  We passed by 4 different downtown lakes, ran uphill, downhill, on streets and brick roads, through puddles, and apparently through dog poop.  Well Ryan ran through dog poop ... I always hate finding it on the bottom of his (or any) shoe once we're back inside.  Lucky for Honey it wasn't hers.

Once we were back inside our apartment we leashed Honey up and made a quick phone call over to Metro Espresso and ordered our favorite pizza ... pizza picante!  The two toppings on this very delicious pizza are pepperonis and pepperoncini peppers.  We ended up sitting outside of Metro and ate our pizza.  I think someone (Ryan) couldn't wait to walk home before devouring his half of the pizza pie.

I think I wouldn't mind running over 5 miles all the time if I was rewarded with pizza afterwards.  Kind of negates any of the calorie burning benefits from the actual run. 

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