Tuesday, August 31, 2010

no more p90x!

Saturday was day 90 of the p90x program.  I tried my best during those 12 weeks to really get into the program and attempt all of the exercises.  I think for the most part I did pretty well and even did my first chin-up ever.  Towards the end of the program I found myself substituting the cardio days for running.  I am a runner.  Or at least I try to be.  I don't really like jumping around or doing any other type of cardio.  I'm glad I gave a different style of working out a chance but I'm going to stick with running until I'm old and gray.

If people are looking for an exercise program to get them into shape then they should definitely try p90x.  The trick is to stay focused and not to cheat during any of the 60-75 minute work outs.  Following the eating plan would also be way more beneficial, although maintaining a healthy diet in general would help as well.  I'm pretty sure Ryan is going to keep doing most of the work outs from p90x and incorporate running into the rest of his exercise plan.  Who knows I might do some of it too.  For now I need to focus on my running goals and continue to do my own weight training during off days.  Let's get physical people!

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