Tuesday, August 31, 2010

friends in town + too much drinking = overall good weekend

Before jumping into a recap from this past weekend's festivities, I should probably start off with Friday.

Ah yes Friday ... how I love this special day in the week.  I had a half day from work and left the corporate world around 11:30am.  Once I got home I had a lot of cleaning to do since we had friends staying with us on Saturday night.  I was pleasantly surprised around 12:30pm when Ryan walked through our front door and said he would work from home the rest of the day.  Woo!  That meant having lunch with my husband (which we never really get to do).  We headed to Black Bean Deli and feasted on Cuban specialities.  I had roasted pork, black beans and rice, and fried plantains.  Delicious.  The rest of the afternoon was spent cleaning and around 5:00pm we finally got motivated to head outside for a run.

It was so incredibly hot and muggy outside.  Ryan and I struggled through 5.35 miles in under 50 minutes.  I was relieved that my long run for the week was done and I could focus on having fun the rest of the weekend.  We "raced" home ... ha ha sorry ... and got showered and ready for dinner at Season's 52 for Mike's birthday.  I love our little friend family (Bree, Mike, Chris, Ryan, and I).  After dinner we continued the celebration at Dexter's and had a couple (some had 5) drinks.  No one is judging here though.

While the boys all had their fantasy football drafts on Saturday, I had filled my day up with some other fun activities.  I had lunch at Cityfish with my friend Ralf and his girlfriend and mom.  After enjoying 1/2 dozen raw oysters and macaroni and cheese (truly a balanced meal), I headed to Wallstreet Plaza for the UCF tailgate/pep rally.  We drank and we rallied and there was pep all around.  I somehow managed to stay out the rest of the day/night and met up with Ryan and Co. at another bar downtown.  Good times were had by all.

Sunday morning was not pretty.  I fell asleep in all of my clothes AGAIN.  Sometimes jean skirts and tank tops are way more comfortable to sleep in than pajamas.  Really you should try it.  The morning improved when we arrived at Winter Park Country Club to play golf with Pablo, Alex, and Chad.  Although it was only 9 holes of golf we were all moving at a snails pace and took 3 hours to finish.  We rewarded ourselves with some late lunch at Dexter's (seems like we really like going here doesn't it?).

The rest of Sunday was spent on the couch with Honey watching television.  I like to call this my favorite way of winding down after a fun filled weekend.

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