Friday, July 9, 2010

tuesday-thursday recap

Seriously I don't understand why my blog is blocked some days on my work computer and other days it is not.  Today it is not blocked (yes I check everyday ... no I'm not my own biggest stalker) so I decided to jump on the chance at recapping the past couple of days.

Tuesday, p90x day 37
Today's work out was supposed to be plyometrics but Ryan wasn't feeling all of the jumping around so we opted for Wednesday's work out instead, back and biceps.  I was able to use 10 pound weights for some of the bicep exercises which made me happy to see such an improvement.  Out of the 6 pull up exercises I was able to do 4 with Ryan's assistance.  All-in-all it was a really good work out that left us tired and on the brink of soreness.

Our reward for working out so hard was walking over to Dexter's for $1 burger night.  We took a seat at the bar (no alcohol for us) and ordered iced teas, burgers, and a basket of french fries to split.  Even though each burger is 1/4 pound I ordered 2 knowing I wouldn't finish both but would leave the rest for Ryan to devour.  After tax and tip our bill was roughly $20 ... gotta love cheap(ish) meals.  The walk to and from the restaurant totalled over 1.5 miles which added to exercise for the day.

Wednesday, p90x day 38
We did plyometrics today and I remembered why I hated this work out so much.  It involves so many lunges, squats, and jumping around.  Way too high impact for my liking, plus it really tweaks out my knees.  After sweating and cursing at the television for an hour we did the ab work out. 

Tonight's dinner was roasted chicken thighs, seasoned with salt, pepper, and cinnamon, and whole wheat couscous, with cinnamon, dried cranberries, and golden raisins mixed in.  On the side I made "tostones", fried, flattened plantains.  Such a delicious meal.  I was excited to use my cast iron pan that allowed me to brown the chicken thighs on the stove top before transferring it into the stove for further cooking. 

Thursday, p90x day 39
This is probably my favorite work out of the entire series ... Yoga.  90 minutes of just me time.  Ryan tried to do yoga yesterday with me but ended up giving up after 10 minutes and headed outside for a run.  Towards the end of the work out there is a section called "yoga belly 7" where you do 7 different ab exercises.  It's pretty intense but I think it's worth the suffering :)

I was too lazy to really think of anything exciting for dinner so we popped in a frozen pizza into the oven.
We tried the white pizza by California Pizza Kitchen.  It was pretty good and I think we would buy it again assuming I either had another coupon for it or it was on sale (kind of costly for a frozen pizza). 
I spent the rest of the night downloading wedding pictures to Snapfish so hopefully I'll be done with that project in the next couple of days.

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