Thursday, July 29, 2010

thai food with one of my favorites

Before I got to eat a delicious dinner with my beautiful friend, I had to work out.  It was p90x day 59 and the work out on the menu was shoulders, arms, and ab ripper. 

Working out for over an hour is never fun but the series of exercises in last night's work out made the time seem to fly by.  The series included various shoulder exercises, followed by biceps, then ending with triceps, then repeat all 3 exercises before taking a 30 second break.  There were shoulder presses, bicep concentration curls, tricep kickbacks, dips, upright row, more types of biceps curls, all done using 5-10 pound weights for at least 12 reps, going up to 16 reps in some of the exercises.

Needless to say my arms were definitely tired by the time the ab ripper work out started.  Gotta love getting a full ab work out done in under 15 minutes.  After we were done it was time to shower and head out the door for my dinner date with Meghan.

I met her at Chai Thai on Orange Ave.  She ordered the green curry with tofu and I went with my usual order of pad thai with tofu.  The wine selection was lacking so I opted for a Singha beer.  The beer was a cold and refreshing treat alongside my spicy noodles.  Although pad thai is usually mild, I had requested a side of spicy sauce to add to my dish.  Lucky for me the portion of the entree was large enough to split for dinner and lunch today.  It was an evening full of tasty food, cold beer, and friendly conversation with one of my favorite people. 

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