Tuesday, July 6, 2010

happy birthday America!

A little behind on my well wishing to America but definitely never too late.  I'll get to our 4th of July festivities in a few minutes ...

On Friday we were released from work at 3:00pm.  Ha it sounds like we're prisoners (sometimes I feel we are).  I headed home to do the P90X legs/back work out with Ryan.  Once we were done with 60 minutes of working out we decided to postpone the abs workout until the next day (sadly we never did get around to doing the 15 minute work out at all). It was great having free weights to use during squats and calf raises.  Ryan is convinced I'm still improving on pull ups but as of now I have not been able to do one without his assistance.

We quickly showered and got ready for dinner and met Tonio, his lovely lady friend Christina, and her roommate Tim, at Shari for delicious happy hour sushi.  After a couple of Kirin Lights and some hot sake we were all definitely feeling a little buzzed.  We decided to continue our night (ha or late evening, it was still pretty early by this time) at Stardust, a basement bar a few blocks away.  Yes ... basement in Florida.  I'm shocked as well.  We downed a drink and then proceeded to Cleo's (another local bar).  Why stop the barhopping?  After one drink at Cleo's we headed to Bullitt Bar.  This was a terrible idea.  We drank stiff drinks and had some shots (both terrible ideas).  Somehow Ryan and I made the executive decision to leave around midnight, grab some slices of pizza, and head home.  The whiskey made Ryan a little crazy but somehow I managed to get him to stop eating all of the food in our house and head to bed.

On Saturday we were not feeling all that motivated to do much of anything but we had promised our little Honey Bear (dog) that we would take her to the dog park.  We got our butts into gear and headed out for the day.  After racing to ChikFila we managed to make it with minutes to spare before the end of breakfast.  Greasy food = hangover cure.

At the dog park Honey made it a point to not hang out with any of the dogs and just stick by the people.  We had a good group of friends there ... Chad and Brittany brought their bulldog Biscuit, Katie brought Emma her shitzu yorkie mix, and her roommate Carrie brought her large mutt Brady (I mean that with love!).  After a while we decided it was time to head home and looked forward to some lounging on the couch. 

Saturday night we went to our first Predators game at the Amway Arena.  Our friends Mike and Chris joined us since we were playing the Cleveland Gladiators (where they are both from).  I'm still not sure which team ended up winning since we left around the 4th quarter while they were tied and headed to Finnhenry's pub.  After a pint of some very dark Brooklyn Brown Ale Ryan and I made the right choice and called it a night. 

Sunday morning we woke up and decided to skip plyometrics (our work out from Saturday that we did not end up doing) and headed out for a run.  We managed to run 2 outer loops around Lake Eola which is around 2.25 miles (no stopping, just straight running).  After that we spent the rest of the morning getting ready for 4th of July festivities.  I made some buffalo chicken dip, homemade guacamole, and had hummus and fresh fruit for our guests.  It was quite the tasty spread of treats.  Carrie and Katie came over during the afternoon and tried to enjoy the pool area with us but the rain sent us back indoors.  Sunny and a couple of her friends showed up later in the evening, just in time for cheeseburgers and hot dogs. 

Around 8:30pm we headed down to the 7th floor in preparation of the fireworks show at Lake Eola.  A drizzle of rain continued but at least we got to see some fireworks. 

Yesterday morning we woke up pretty early and headed to the dealership to drop off my car for some maintenance.  We then picked up some Einstein's bagel sandwiches for breakfast and headed home.  The rest of the day was spent watching season 1 of Breaking Bad (series on AMC).  I got the call from the dealership to pick up my car around 3pm and finally found some motivation to work out once we got back home.

Day 36 of P90X was chest, shoulders, triceps and the ab work out.  I still hate doing all of the push-ups but am slowly getting better at them.  It was so much easier doing the shoulder and triceps exercises with free weights. 

After we were done with our work out I made us some green monster smoothies (spinach, water, frozen banana, protein powder, and peanut butter) to hold us over until dinner.  For dinner I made pork chops with BBQ sauce, baked beans (left over from Sunday), cheesy grits (I'm a southern girl), and tomato/cucumber salad.  For dessert we had tiny pieces of leftover apple pie from Sunday.

What a loooooooong 3 day weekend!

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