Sunday, July 18, 2010

friday night = date night

Fridays have always been date nigh for Ryan and I.  Sometimes we stay in and cook at home, other times we go to a really fancy dinner, and some other times we just pick a place that we have always wanted to try but just never have gotten around to going.  We picked option 3 and decided to try Bosphorous Turkish Cuisine in Winter Park.  Before dinner we had to make sure we got our work out in ...

Friday, p90x day 47

After running 12 miles in 2 days my legs were really feeling tired.  I was not looking forward to working out back and legs but somehow managed to pull through and even used weights for some of the lunges, squats, and calves.  We also had to do the 15 minutes of ab exercises once we were done.

Once the work out was over it was time for getting showered up and ready for our date.  We made it in time for our 7:45pm reservation.  We ordered some appetizers (hummus and some Greek yogurt, dill, mint, walnut dip) and split an entree (grilled lamb with rice and vegetables).  All of the food was really good and of course we didn't have any room left for dessert (boo).  We headed over to another restaurant near Park Ave. for drinks with Katie and her boyfriend Chris and Meghan and her boyfriend Ken.  Triple date!

Ryan and I split a bottle of red Chilean wine and were feeling pretty tipsy by the time everyone was ready to leave.  Lucky for me Ryan drank less than I did (or holds his alcohol better) and we made it home safe and sound.

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