Tuesday, July 13, 2010

friday-monday recap

I'm not a big fan of grouping together days and posting "recaps" but I've been behind on life and haven't gotten a chance to really sit down and write.

So pardon me as I dive into another multiple day write up.

Friday, p90x day 40
This was a very busy day at work.  I had more accounts due earlier this month than in the past so I was in work mode all day long.  Usually I'm in work mode 35% of the day and day dream mode the rest of the time.  Joking.  Not really.

Once I got home Ryan and I had to rush through our back/legs and abs work outs.  We had dinner plans with one of his co-workers and his wife, which live over by the airport.  I love working out legs and had no problems with using weights during calf raises and lunges.  I even did most of the pull up exercises and Ryan said I was really close to doing a pull up on my own.  Working out abs is always hard after doing the leg work out since a lot of the moves include using your legs (bicycles-forwards and backwards for example).

We had a good time hanging out with Justin and Brooke and enjoyed her version of healthy lasagna.  She used chicken and vegetables as the filling and it was delicious! 

Saturday, p90x day 41
Today was supposed to be kenpo day.  We woke up early for our drive down to Jupiter/West Palm so we decided to save the work out for Sunday when we got back into town.  Instead of getting breakfast while on the road at some unhealthy fast food place, I opted to make Ryan and I bacon, egg white, and cheese wheat thin sandwiches.  So yummy!  I've gotten really used to eating egg whites and actually don't mind the cardboard taste :)

The 2.5 hour drive went by quickly and before I knew it I was dropping off Ryan at our friends' house and then heading to Julie's baby shower.  The shower was perfect and it made me more anxious to meet baby Olivia in September. 

Saturday night we went to a sushi/tapas restaurant in Jupiter called Too Bizarre with our friends Pam and Mark.  Pam and I decided to split a bottle of wine, which quickly became 2 bottles of wine.  The night ended with me being entirely too tipsy and falling asleep with all of my clothes on. 

Sunday, p90x day 42
So hungover.  Ryan and I somehow managed to pack up our things and head out for our drive back to Orlando.  We stopped by a Jupiter bagel place, Bagel Boyz for some much needed breakfast.  Places like Panera and Einstein's don't make as good of bagels as legitimate bagel joints.  I ordered a garlic bagel, toasted, with olive cream cheese and practically inhaled the entire thing.  It was delicious.  I ordered an egg white, bacon, and American cheese garlic bagel sandwich for Ryan.  He seemed to really enjoy his order as well.  Wish we had a place like that in Orlando.  Better yet, I wish we find a place like this in Atlanta.

Once we got home Ryan took the longest nap ever and I continued to work on uploading wedding pictures to Snapfish.  Around 3:30pm we realized we hadn't had lunch so we walked over to Jimmie John's for some sandwiches.  I ordered the #6 vegetarian, no tomatoes add peppers.  Now that I'm reading over the nutritional information I'm glad I only ate half and saved the other half for Monday's lunch.  My sandwich had 587.55 calories and 30 grams of fat.  WHAT!?!?!  Why don't I ever know these things BEFORE I order.  I assumed since it was a veggie sub that it would be healthier than other alternatives, but I guess having cheese, avocado, and mayonaise on a sandwich will definitely increase the calories and fat content.

By the time we got home I realized it was too late to work out (plus I was still feeling really terrible from the night before) and decided to get ready for Katie's birthday dinner at 310 instead.  This year Katie decided to take a low key approach to her birthday and had a small group of 5 for dinner instead of the usual 12+ girls.  It was nice to just gossip with some girls while enjoying some delicious mushroom ravioli (my favorite entree from this restaurant). 

Monday, p90x day 43
Another long day at work with no real exciting news to report.  Once I got home Ryan and I did the chest/shoulders/triceps work out, followed by the ab work out.  I was able to increase the weight on some of the exercises, from 5 pounds to 10 pounds, which always makes me happy.  I managed to do some of the push up exercises but stayed away from the one-armed and clapping push ups.  The ab work out was successfully done without skipping any reps.  The p90x dude, Tony, says that we do a total of 349 reps during the ab work out. 

We skipped making a protein shake after the work out and instead took Honey out for a walk around Lake Eola.  We ended up walking 0.90 miles during our slooooow 20 minutes out there.  It was too hot for Honey and we ended up carrying her half of the way home.  She's either really susceptible to the summer heat or is just lazy.  I'm leaning towards lazy.

For dinner I made my version of paella using a bag of yellow rice, extra large shrimp, chorizo, and olives.  On the side I made a cucumber and tomato salad and some sweet plantains.  I love meals like this - pretty easy to make and so incredibly Spanish.  I miss eating Spanish food every night when I was growing up in the most Cuban household. 

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