Wednesday, July 21, 2010

early morning work out

Last night I packed my lunch for today, picked out my work clothes, and even laid out my running clothes all in anticipation of waking up early this morning and getting a run in.  Well folks, the alarm clock was set at 6:10am and I actually woke up and didn't just snooze like usual!  I grabbed my clothes and got ready in the bathroom so I wouldn't disturb Ryan and Honey any more than I already had.  On my way out the door I grabbed Ryan's ipod for some new tunes to listen to.  I headed down to the 7th floor and picked out my usual treadmill (sad that I use the same one each time ... it's like my own private treadmill just located on a different floor in our building). 
  • 4.0 RPE - 1 minute warm up
  • 9:30 minute - 1 mile
  • 8:45 minute - 2 mile
  • 8:45 minute - 3 mile
  • 28:00 - 29:30 minutes - 6.5 RPE
  • 29:30 - 4.0 cool down
  • 30 minutes total, 3.26 miles
  • 397 calories
Without really trying I was able to keep track of my splits and almost had negative splits the entire time.  I'm glad I was able to run 3 miles in 27 minutes since I haven't been running very fast lately.  This was the last run before the 5k tomorrow evening so hopefully I'm prepared.

It's a good feeling to be done with your work out so early in the day.  I'm skipping day 52 of p90x (kenpo) tonight since I'm meeting up with a friend for happy hour. 

I was famished by the time I walked back into the apartment and was thankful to see Ryan in the kitchen already working on our breakfast: 2 strips turkey bacon, a serving of egg whites, and a serving of cottage cheese, all washed down with some orange juice.  Yum!

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