Tuesday, July 13, 2010

dinner for one?

Before I talk about dinner I should probably talk about my AWESOME work out today.  Although the rain did make an appearance I managed to tear up the treadmill instead.  I did the following in 60 minutes:
  • warm up at 4.0 for 2 minutes
  • ran for 54 minutes between 5.0-6.5
  • cool down at 4.0 for 4 minutes
  • total distance: 5.85 miles
  • total calories burned: 679
Not too bad of a substitute work out for p90x day 44.

Once I was done running I realized that I had not eaten nearly enough today for the amount of calories I burned, ie. I was famished at this point.  Luckily I had plenty of leftovers from last night. 

What makes leftovers taste even better?  Wine!

A glass of chilled Chilean La Playa sauvignon blanc definitely helped in relaxing me. 

I only had to worry about feeding myself tonight (oh and pouring some dog food into Honey's bowl) since Ryan won't be back until tomorrow.

The leftover "paella" was even better today.  I added some Goya hot sauce to the rice and shrimp to add some spice.  On the side I microwaved some frozen sweet plantains (found in the freezer section of Sedano's grocery store) and chopped up some tomatoes and cucumbers and mixed the veggies with some goat cheese, dried basil, and balsamic vinegar for a simple salad. 

Although the dinner was tasty I missed the company of OMC

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