Friday, July 23, 2010

Beat the Heat 5k recap

pre race photo
Last night was the JCC Beat the Heat 5k in  Maitland.  The race started at 7pm but it was still really hot and muggy.  The start and finish of the course was at the JCC on N. Maitland Ave. and went through the neighborhood surrounding Lake Sybelia.  Although the event details claimed the course was flat there were definitely a lot of uphill parts of the race, especially a tough hill around the 2.5 mile mark. 

Track Shack was in charge of timing the race and seemed to be pretty organized like usual except for the start of the race.  We had to wait for the cops to stop traffic on N. Maitland Ave. and for the Track Shack employees to run into the road and set up the timing equipment right before we actually began.  We were running on the actual road until we made our first turn into the nearby neighborhood. 

I had decided to run without my Garmin 305 and figured I would just enjoy the evening run and listen to my music worry free.  Well I made the mistake of not checking my i-Pod shuffle beforehand and realized the battery was completely dead while at the starting line.  I hate running without music since I can hear myself and those around me breathing and it seems to throw me off.  Somehow I managed to calm my breathing down throughout the race and just concentrated on finishing.

I finished mile 1 in 8:10 minutes.  I realized I was probably running too fast and should have slowed down but I continued at this pace and finished mile 2 at 16:10 minutes.  I was excited about my negative split and really thought there was a chance to PR this race (my best 5k time is 25:31).  The last mile of the race was tough and my legs were really starting to get heavy.  I pushed on and finished mile 3 in 24:55 minutes.  I tried to sprint during the last 0.1 miles but ended up finishing with an official time of 25:49 minutes.  I might not have PR'd but I definitely tried my best and considering the hills, the warm temperatures, and lack of music, I think I did pretty well.

official stats:
  • clock time/chip time 25:49
  • pace 8:18.3
  • 7th place in my age group, 23rd place in females, 102nd place overall (383 total finishers)

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