Wednesday, June 30, 2010

was it worth it?

Yesterday my day began at 5:45am.  I woke up, walked Honey, got ready for work, and picked up Chris for carpooling.  We got to work by 6:30am and our work day began.  We left at 3:30pm, got home around 4:00pm, I walked Honey (sensing a pattern?), and then got ready for a run.

That's right ... I ran yesterday.  Since Ryan was out of town and had the plyometrics DVD in his possession, it was up to me to come up with an acceptable form of cardiovascular exercise.  I laced my sneakers and headed out to Lake Eola.  I walked for the first 7 minutes (approx 0.25 miles) since I was chatting with Ryan on the phone.  Then I ran for 7 minutes, walked for 2 minutes, ran for 10 minutes, and then after that the breakdown of walking/running gets foggy in my memory.  Total time outdoors in the blistering summer Florida heat was 38:30 minutes for 3.1 miles.  TERRIBLE.  Slow as molasses.  I was so incredibly hot and couldn't catch my breath since it seemed the humidity outside was too thick to even deal with. 

I showered up and waited for my dinner date Sunny to arrive from work and we walked over to Cityfish for free oysters.  Dinner was a good time (Chris, Bree, and Lenarz were also in attendance) and lasted until around 8:00pm.  Sunny and I headed home to rest up before our big movie premiere.

Normally I would be done for the day by this point at night.  I would be getting my pajamas on and settling into bed to watch some Food Network or Travel Channel.  Lucky (or unlucky) for me I was going to see "Eclipse" at midnight at the movie theater in Winter Park.  Sunny and I knew we would need caffeine before the show so we met up with Katie at Austin's Coffee for some delicious beverages.  Once I was hyped up on iced coffee we headed over to the theater to secure a good spot in line to wait in.

We had great seats and weren't surrounded by too many 13 year olds.  The movie itself was really good (I mean it was cheesy, and girly, and full of vampires and werewolves).  I managed to stay awake the ENTIRE time.  We got home by 2:30am and Honey got ANOTHER walk (small bladder?) before bed. 

Sleeping didn't go too well and when my alarm went off at 6:45am I figured I had probably gotten around 3 hours of sleep total. 

8 hours and 15 minutes left until I get to leave work.  L.O.N.G.E.S.T. day ever.  I'm exhausted and I'm concerned that I'm going to overdose on coffee.

Was it worth it?  Oh yeah, most definitely.  Can't wait to do it again for "Breaking Dawn."  :)


  1. Just found your blog- so cute!!
    I live here in Orlando too- & I work on Lake Eola. I love it- so pretty, right?! I love looking out the window @ the office @ the lake & the swans..and the people exercising. Although I think some of them are crazy for going out there @ noon- it's just too stinkin' hot! I can't even enjoy a walk due to the heat. I feel your pain on that run outside.
    Oh, and glad to hear a review of the movie- I haven't seen it yet, but was wondering how it was :)

  2. thank you so much for your comment! I am very envious of the location of your office. we live across from the lake so I guess I get my share of lake Eola activities. thanks for stopping by!