Wednesday, June 2, 2010

rise and shine!

Although our alarm clocks were already set at 5:30, someone thought that wasn't early enough to start our day.  Honey woke us up at 5:00 ready to go out for a walk.  Luckily Ryan took her outside and I stayed in bed hoping the day wouldn't have to start yet.  We managed to stay in bed a few minutes past our alarm clocks going off but then we got up since we knew the P90X work out for today would take over an hour.

Day 3 of P90X includes shoulders and arms and then the ab work out after that.  I don't usually mind working out shoulders and biceps but the triceps exercises were tricky and I had to really work hard on those.  I was able to do at least 8 reps (and sometimes up to 12) on all of the exercises.  After doing plyo yesterday an easier work out was much appreciated.  After an hour of working out our upper body we switched the DVDs and started the 15 minute ab work out.  Although this is the 2nd time we've had to work out abs, Ryan and I still can't keep up and finish all 25 reps of all 12 exercises.  All I have to think about is with time we'll get better and in the mean time we're still working out as hard as we can.

After our loooooong work out I made us some protein shakes and Ryan started on our egg whites and turkey bacon breakfast.  We also had some reduced fat cottage cheese to go with that.  I can never eat that much food so early in the morning so most of my shake was taken as a to-go drink on my way to work. 

I'm glad I don't have an hour long work out waiting for me when I get home from work.  Hopefully I'll feel motivated enough to take Honey on a long walk before the rain starts. 

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