Thursday, June 24, 2010

recovery week is almost over!

Tuesday's work out was intense!  Core synergistics is no joke when it comes to P90X.  Ryan was not working out Tuesday and Wednesday so he got a front row seat on the couch of me struggling with these exercises.  Core strength training is not something I've really done in the past so I definitely had to focus and try harder than usual.  After finishing the hour long work out I was starving and couldn't wait to eat an unhealthy, but delicious dinner at Johnny's Fillin' Station in honor of Chris's birthday.

The service at the restaurant left much to be desired so by the time the server stopped by to take our orders I thought with my stomach and not my brain.  Usually I order the "mini" with cheese which is a 1/4 lb. burger and just the right size for someone like me.  This time I ordered the bacon cheeseburger which was a 1/2 lb. burger.  Not only was I able to finish the entire burger, but I ate it faster than Chris did (he ordered the same thing).  It was delicious and totally hit the spot.  A couple of beers and some curly fries later I was stuffed and couldn't eat or drink anymore. 

Yesterday I did the stretching DVD from P90X for the first time.  Usually the schedule says you can do the hour long stretching program on Sundays or use that day as a rest day.  Since I'm really lazy I always opted for the rest and never thought of actually doing it.  During recovery weeks P90X makes you have one day of stretching.  I don't think I would consider what I did yesterday as exercising even though I was stretching for 60 minutes.  I'm looking forward to doing kenpo today and getting sweaty and out of breath; both of which are signs of a hard work out in my eyes. 

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