Friday, June 25, 2010

P90X drop out ... well for one day

I was so tired yesterday.  All day long I couldn't stop yawning and complaining (to myself and Chris) how sleepy I was.  The complaints continued after work as I walked into my apartment and saw Ryan.  I told him I was too tired to do anything (work out) so I skipped kenpo, the work out that was scheduled for yesterday.  Instead we headed to Tijuana Flat's for tacos and trivia.  Although working out would have been way more beneficial to my well being I can't lie and say I didn't have fun last night.  Our team even won 1st place during the 3 rounds of trivia. 

Today is friday and what makes this friday even more awesome is the fact that I am leaving work at 11:30am to begin my weekend.  Woooo.  We had a rocky start this morning with Honey waking up around 4am to throw up :(  Poor thing.  Luckily Ryan picked her up off the bed in enough time to place her on the carpet before it happened.  After cleaning up her mess and tucking her back into bed we all managed to fall back asleep for a couple more hours. 

Once the alarm went off it was smooth sailing ... casual day at work means t-shirts and shorts during the summer and no make up.  Since it took much less time than usual to get ready I was out the door by 7am.  I headed straight to Dunkin Donuts for a refreshing iced coffee (I even used a coupon) and made it to work by 7:35am.  Within 30 minutes Tara (boss) walked in with some bagels from Einstein's.  Perfect friday so far.  Plus jamming out to my Passion Pit "Slacker" radio station is only making things even better.  2.5 more hours to go and I'm outta here :)

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