Thursday, June 17, 2010


I used to like Usher's latest hit "OMG" a lot.  It was catchy and definitely a dance song.  I changed my mind around 3:00am this morning when an annoying neighbor (not sure if directly upstairs, downstairs, or on our floor) kept blasting this same song over and over again.  It was as though he/she just wanted to hear the song 10 times straight without any other song interruption. 

Unfortunately this meant I did not sleep well so when the alarm clock went off at 5:00am I was 100% not interested in getting out of bed for 90 minutes of yoga.  My plan was to work out in the morning before work since I wouldn't have time once I got home (going to see Chicago with Katie!). 

I feel so ashamed that I didn't have enough willpower to just deal with my exhaustion.  Now I'll have to find time tomorrow to do 2 P90X work outs which sounds like a daunting task.  

At least last night's shoulders and arms work out went well.  I even did more ab exercises than usual during the ab/core work out.  It's definitely motivating to notice improvements during the past 3 weeks of training. 

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