Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I hate push-ups!!!!

Even though the P90X work out happened over 12 hours ago, I still can't get over how much I hated it.  Week 5 brings 2 new work outs into the mix ... "chest, shoulders, triceps" and "back and biceps."  Last night we struggled through "chest, shoulders, triceps" and finished off the work out with the "ab ripper" DVD.  Out of the 24 exercises that we went through, 8 were different variations of push-ups.  I can barely do more than 2 "standard" push-ups and have to do the rest girly style with my knees on the floor.  My upper body is definitely feeling it today. 

One thing that we've learned throughout this entire 90 day process is that using the work out resistance bands DO NOT work as well as free weights, especially with yesterday's work out.  Ryan will be going to Play it Again Sports at some point this weekend to buy some. 

Today I got to work at 6:30am since my carpool buddy Chris was asked to work 6:30-3:30.  I love any opportunity to get to work early since that means ultimately leaving earlier than usual.  I'm looking forward to spending an hour outside today running/walking since Ryan took the plyometrics DVD with him to Philadelphia.  Hopefully I can fit in a nap after working out since I'm planning on going to the midnight premiere of Eclipse tonight with Katie and Sunny.  I can't wait!

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