Tuesday, June 15, 2010

2 work outs in 12 hours

Yesterday after work Ryan and I did the chest/back work out of P90X.  Since last week I had skipped this particular work out I had only done it once before.  I hate it.  Absolutely hate this work out.  I am not good at push ups, pull ups, chin ups, or any other kind of "up".  The entire 60 minutes (minus warm-up and cool-down) revolved around these exercises.  Needless to say by the end of the work out my arms felt like spaghetti.  I did have the pleasure of watching Ryan do these same exercises in a tank top.  The boy has got some serious upper body muscles.  Next time I'll sneak in a picture ....

Like every other Monday, Wednesday, and Friday our 60 minute work out was followed by the AB ripper.  These 15 minutes are always pretty intense but it's totally worth it to knock out over 300 ab/core reps.

Our protein shake held us over until dinner was ready.  I made pan fried salmon, a huge salad with romaine lettuce, baby bella mushrooms, cucumbers, olives, tomatoes, and goat cheese, and a side of couscous.  Ryan is a big fan of couscous and now that they make a whole wheat version I don't feel as bad making it. 

Since we had a light and healthy meal I felt dessert was in order and around 8:30pm I delve into our freezer to pull out a box of these:

Such a delicious snack!  Only 100 calories and 2 grams of fat.  The Skinny Cow brand has a ton of different ice cream varieties and I can't wait to find more coupons to try them all.  I've been on a super coupon cutting craze lately and was able to find $1 off these chocolate truffle bars. 

This morning our alarm was set for 5:30am.  We decided to do our plyometrics work out in the morning instead of the evening in order to have time for free oysters at Cityfish tonight.  Such sacrifices we make in the name of good eatin'. 

I don't think I remember this work out being so tough (maybe its because I skipped it during week 2).  We were both sweating a lot and breathing really heavily.  At one point I felt like throwing up (sorry for the details).  We somehow managed to work through it and finished our 60 minutes of exercise.  I made us some protein shakes while Ryan started on some egg whites and turkey bacon for our breakfast.  I'm never too hungry first thing in the morning so after finishing the shake I packed up my breakfast to eat my desk at work. 

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