Thursday, June 17, 2010

2 C's for me

Counting down until 5:00pm ... then it's time to head home!  The positives of carpooling with Chris to work everyday include:
 a) saving money on gas
b) less wear and tear on my car

Oh and maybe even spending some quality time with one of my good friends.  The only huge downside is that I was used to working 7:30-4:30 and getting home by 5.  Now we don't leave even leave work until 5 and then usually get stuck in some terrible I-4 rush hour traffic.

And now that it's summertime we have afternoon rainstorms EVERYDAY at 4:30pm.  Which means we get to drive in this weather, thus adding even more time to our commute.

Ok ok enough of all of the negativity.  I should be focusing on the fun evening I have ahead.  One of my best ladies Katie bought me a ticket to see Chicago for my birthday back in March.  Exactly 3 months later I get to relive my birthday!  Ha ha maybe not but at least I get to enjoy a Broadway show with one of my good friends. 

The excitement continues cause we're starting off the night at Ceviche!  We haven't been back there since Ryan and I got married there back in April. 

Let's hear it for Ceviche and Chicago!  2 C's that I definitely love.  Too bad Katie's name didn't start with a C ...

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