Wednesday, June 30, 2010

was it worth it?

Yesterday my day began at 5:45am.  I woke up, walked Honey, got ready for work, and picked up Chris for carpooling.  We got to work by 6:30am and our work day began.  We left at 3:30pm, got home around 4:00pm, I walked Honey (sensing a pattern?), and then got ready for a run.

That's right ... I ran yesterday.  Since Ryan was out of town and had the plyometrics DVD in his possession, it was up to me to come up with an acceptable form of cardiovascular exercise.  I laced my sneakers and headed out to Lake Eola.  I walked for the first 7 minutes (approx 0.25 miles) since I was chatting with Ryan on the phone.  Then I ran for 7 minutes, walked for 2 minutes, ran for 10 minutes, and then after that the breakdown of walking/running gets foggy in my memory.  Total time outdoors in the blistering summer Florida heat was 38:30 minutes for 3.1 miles.  TERRIBLE.  Slow as molasses.  I was so incredibly hot and couldn't catch my breath since it seemed the humidity outside was too thick to even deal with. 

I showered up and waited for my dinner date Sunny to arrive from work and we walked over to Cityfish for free oysters.  Dinner was a good time (Chris, Bree, and Lenarz were also in attendance) and lasted until around 8:00pm.  Sunny and I headed home to rest up before our big movie premiere.

Normally I would be done for the day by this point at night.  I would be getting my pajamas on and settling into bed to watch some Food Network or Travel Channel.  Lucky (or unlucky) for me I was going to see "Eclipse" at midnight at the movie theater in Winter Park.  Sunny and I knew we would need caffeine before the show so we met up with Katie at Austin's Coffee for some delicious beverages.  Once I was hyped up on iced coffee we headed over to the theater to secure a good spot in line to wait in.

We had great seats and weren't surrounded by too many 13 year olds.  The movie itself was really good (I mean it was cheesy, and girly, and full of vampires and werewolves).  I managed to stay awake the ENTIRE time.  We got home by 2:30am and Honey got ANOTHER walk (small bladder?) before bed. 

Sleeping didn't go too well and when my alarm went off at 6:45am I figured I had probably gotten around 3 hours of sleep total. 

8 hours and 15 minutes left until I get to leave work.  L.O.N.G.E.S.T. day ever.  I'm exhausted and I'm concerned that I'm going to overdose on coffee.

Was it worth it?  Oh yeah, most definitely.  Can't wait to do it again for "Breaking Dawn."  :)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I hate push-ups!!!!

Even though the P90X work out happened over 12 hours ago, I still can't get over how much I hated it.  Week 5 brings 2 new work outs into the mix ... "chest, shoulders, triceps" and "back and biceps."  Last night we struggled through "chest, shoulders, triceps" and finished off the work out with the "ab ripper" DVD.  Out of the 24 exercises that we went through, 8 were different variations of push-ups.  I can barely do more than 2 "standard" push-ups and have to do the rest girly style with my knees on the floor.  My upper body is definitely feeling it today. 

One thing that we've learned throughout this entire 90 day process is that using the work out resistance bands DO NOT work as well as free weights, especially with yesterday's work out.  Ryan will be going to Play it Again Sports at some point this weekend to buy some. 

Today I got to work at 6:30am since my carpool buddy Chris was asked to work 6:30-3:30.  I love any opportunity to get to work early since that means ultimately leaving earlier than usual.  I'm looking forward to spending an hour outside today running/walking since Ryan took the plyometrics DVD with him to Philadelphia.  Hopefully I can fit in a nap after working out since I'm planning on going to the midnight premiere of Eclipse tonight with Katie and Sunny.  I can't wait!

Friday, June 25, 2010

P90X drop out ... well for one day

I was so tired yesterday.  All day long I couldn't stop yawning and complaining (to myself and Chris) how sleepy I was.  The complaints continued after work as I walked into my apartment and saw Ryan.  I told him I was too tired to do anything (work out) so I skipped kenpo, the work out that was scheduled for yesterday.  Instead we headed to Tijuana Flat's for tacos and trivia.  Although working out would have been way more beneficial to my well being I can't lie and say I didn't have fun last night.  Our team even won 1st place during the 3 rounds of trivia. 

Today is friday and what makes this friday even more awesome is the fact that I am leaving work at 11:30am to begin my weekend.  Woooo.  We had a rocky start this morning with Honey waking up around 4am to throw up :(  Poor thing.  Luckily Ryan picked her up off the bed in enough time to place her on the carpet before it happened.  After cleaning up her mess and tucking her back into bed we all managed to fall back asleep for a couple more hours. 

Once the alarm went off it was smooth sailing ... casual day at work means t-shirts and shorts during the summer and no make up.  Since it took much less time than usual to get ready I was out the door by 7am.  I headed straight to Dunkin Donuts for a refreshing iced coffee (I even used a coupon) and made it to work by 7:35am.  Within 30 minutes Tara (boss) walked in with some bagels from Einstein's.  Perfect friday so far.  Plus jamming out to my Passion Pit "Slacker" radio station is only making things even better.  2.5 more hours to go and I'm outta here :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

recovery week is almost over!

Tuesday's work out was intense!  Core synergistics is no joke when it comes to P90X.  Ryan was not working out Tuesday and Wednesday so he got a front row seat on the couch of me struggling with these exercises.  Core strength training is not something I've really done in the past so I definitely had to focus and try harder than usual.  After finishing the hour long work out I was starving and couldn't wait to eat an unhealthy, but delicious dinner at Johnny's Fillin' Station in honor of Chris's birthday.

The service at the restaurant left much to be desired so by the time the server stopped by to take our orders I thought with my stomach and not my brain.  Usually I order the "mini" with cheese which is a 1/4 lb. burger and just the right size for someone like me.  This time I ordered the bacon cheeseburger which was a 1/2 lb. burger.  Not only was I able to finish the entire burger, but I ate it faster than Chris did (he ordered the same thing).  It was delicious and totally hit the spot.  A couple of beers and some curly fries later I was stuffed and couldn't eat or drink anymore. 

Yesterday I did the stretching DVD from P90X for the first time.  Usually the schedule says you can do the hour long stretching program on Sundays or use that day as a rest day.  Since I'm really lazy I always opted for the rest and never thought of actually doing it.  During recovery weeks P90X makes you have one day of stretching.  I don't think I would consider what I did yesterday as exercising even though I was stretching for 60 minutes.  I'm looking forward to doing kenpo today and getting sweaty and out of breath; both of which are signs of a hard work out in my eyes. 

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

recovery week

Yesterday began week 4 of P90X which meant a nice 6 days of recovery.  Yesterday's work out was 90 minutes of yoga.  Today I'll be trying something new, core synergistics.  According to the Beachbody website, "Each and every exercise in the Core Synergistics workout recruits multiple muscle groups to build and support the core (lumbar spine and trunk muscles), while at the same time conditioning your body from head to toe. Loaded with a variety of fun, unique, and challenging exercises, this routine will get you moving in all directions to maximize your P90X results."

Sounds great ... can't wait to spend 60 minutes doing this tonight :) 

This past weekend Ryan and I had a lot of fun, good food, and too many drinks.  We started on Friday night with dinner at Dexter's where I proceeded to drink an entire bottle of Portuguese white wine along with some baked brie and spinach salad.  Our good friend Aaron was in town and he and Chris met us at the tail end of dinner.  Then a few more of their friends showed up and pretty soon we were seated around a huge round table in the back of the restaurant.  At this point we decided it was a good idea to stumble walk to the Celt, a local Irish pub a few blocks away.  After enjoying a very tasty Magner's I convinced Ryan it was time to go home.

Saturday morning found us very dehydrated and slightly hungover.  We managed to drag ourselves and Honey over to Winter Park for their farmer's market.  After purchasing some fresh vegetables, fruit, and some of Ginger's jam (hot pepper jelly and guava for my dad) we realized how miserably hot it was and decided to head back home.  We dropped off Honey and headed to a new New Orleans Cajun restaurant for lunch.  I chose the shrimp po boy and Ryan went with the grilled chicken po boy.  Not too bad of a meal but we were highly disappointed to notice the restaurant was not very authentic. 

We lounged around the apartment the rest of the afternoon and made some ravioli and salad for dinner.  It was pouring outside and the thought of walking a few blocks to Backbooth was not inviting in the least bit.  We grabbed an umbrella and headed out in the storm to see Good Old War play at BB.  What a fun band!  The music was jammin', the PBR's were only $2.50, and the company was great.  We made the right decision and headed home once the show was over. 

We headed back to Dexter's on Sunday for brunch with Sheila.  After eating what was called the "Sunday funday" breakfast (too much food to list, I'm slightly embarrassed) we said our goodbyes and headed home.  We only had a few hours before we were leaving for Geneva to visit Rosa and Jesus.  It's always funny to me that one of my favorite meals by my mom is her Chinese fried rice, which is probably the most un-Cuban meal ever.  I made some sweet and sour chicken to go along with the rice.  For dessert we had some fresh fruit, including some pineapple I had bought at the farmer's market the day before.  After spending a few hours in the wilderness Ryan, Honey, and I headed back home to unwind.

Friday, June 18, 2010

life changing thoughts on a friday morning

As my time with the bank winds down (for those of you who don't know I'll be laid off in the next 3 months or so due to the elimination of my department) I find myself really really scared and worried about failing in life.  I haven't had a chance yet to fail career wise.  I started at the bank 2 weeks after graduating from college.  6 years later I am still working for the same company; unfortunately all that has changed while here is my cubicle location.  I manged to go back to school during my tenure at the bank and graduated with my masters in business administration.  Pro - didn't have to pay for school.  Con - have not done ANYTHING with this degree. 

Kids ask themselves day after day, what should I be when I grow up?  Have I regressed back to that point in my life when I can seriously think about what I want to do, career wise?  Have I been given a second chance to do something bigger and better with my life? 

I am probably one of the most risk averse individuals in the world.  I hate change and shudder at uncertainty.  Plus I am not worried about one person anymore; I have Ryan and Honey to think about.  Decisions from this point forward have to be thought out and reasoned with, and not taken lightly.

So as I sit here, in my cubicle, my mind wanders to hobbies I like or would like to have.  Photography and cooking top the list.  As this wheel in my head keeps turning I use "google" to search for culinary schools in Atlanta.  Before I know it I'm chatting with someone from the school asking questions about the program length and cost.  9 months and $18,000 later I would have a certificate from Le Cordon Bleu culinary academy.  So then what?  Would that be just a way to pass the time for 9 months?  Would I truly want a career in the culinary world? 

It's Friday and I can't even enjoy the fact that the weekend is here and I only have 2 more hours of work left (love half days).  I should put the life decisions on hold and go back to being happy it's summer and my weekend is free of life changing events. 

Thursday, June 17, 2010

2 C's for me

Counting down until 5:00pm ... then it's time to head home!  The positives of carpooling with Chris to work everyday include:
 a) saving money on gas
b) less wear and tear on my car

Oh and maybe even spending some quality time with one of my good friends.  The only huge downside is that I was used to working 7:30-4:30 and getting home by 5.  Now we don't leave even leave work until 5 and then usually get stuck in some terrible I-4 rush hour traffic.

And now that it's summertime we have afternoon rainstorms EVERYDAY at 4:30pm.  Which means we get to drive in this weather, thus adding even more time to our commute.

Ok ok enough of all of the negativity.  I should be focusing on the fun evening I have ahead.  One of my best ladies Katie bought me a ticket to see Chicago for my birthday back in March.  Exactly 3 months later I get to relive my birthday!  Ha ha maybe not but at least I get to enjoy a Broadway show with one of my good friends. 

The excitement continues cause we're starting off the night at Ceviche!  We haven't been back there since Ryan and I got married there back in April. 

Let's hear it for Ceviche and Chicago!  2 C's that I definitely love.  Too bad Katie's name didn't start with a C ...


I used to like Usher's latest hit "OMG" a lot.  It was catchy and definitely a dance song.  I changed my mind around 3:00am this morning when an annoying neighbor (not sure if directly upstairs, downstairs, or on our floor) kept blasting this same song over and over again.  It was as though he/she just wanted to hear the song 10 times straight without any other song interruption. 

Unfortunately this meant I did not sleep well so when the alarm clock went off at 5:00am I was 100% not interested in getting out of bed for 90 minutes of yoga.  My plan was to work out in the morning before work since I wouldn't have time once I got home (going to see Chicago with Katie!). 

I feel so ashamed that I didn't have enough willpower to just deal with my exhaustion.  Now I'll have to find time tomorrow to do 2 P90X work outs which sounds like a daunting task.  

At least last night's shoulders and arms work out went well.  I even did more ab exercises than usual during the ab/core work out.  It's definitely motivating to notice improvements during the past 3 weeks of training. 

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

2 work outs in 12 hours

Yesterday after work Ryan and I did the chest/back work out of P90X.  Since last week I had skipped this particular work out I had only done it once before.  I hate it.  Absolutely hate this work out.  I am not good at push ups, pull ups, chin ups, or any other kind of "up".  The entire 60 minutes (minus warm-up and cool-down) revolved around these exercises.  Needless to say by the end of the work out my arms felt like spaghetti.  I did have the pleasure of watching Ryan do these same exercises in a tank top.  The boy has got some serious upper body muscles.  Next time I'll sneak in a picture ....

Like every other Monday, Wednesday, and Friday our 60 minute work out was followed by the AB ripper.  These 15 minutes are always pretty intense but it's totally worth it to knock out over 300 ab/core reps.

Our protein shake held us over until dinner was ready.  I made pan fried salmon, a huge salad with romaine lettuce, baby bella mushrooms, cucumbers, olives, tomatoes, and goat cheese, and a side of couscous.  Ryan is a big fan of couscous and now that they make a whole wheat version I don't feel as bad making it. 

Since we had a light and healthy meal I felt dessert was in order and around 8:30pm I delve into our freezer to pull out a box of these:

Such a delicious snack!  Only 100 calories and 2 grams of fat.  The Skinny Cow brand has a ton of different ice cream varieties and I can't wait to find more coupons to try them all.  I've been on a super coupon cutting craze lately and was able to find $1 off these chocolate truffle bars. 

This morning our alarm was set for 5:30am.  We decided to do our plyometrics work out in the morning instead of the evening in order to have time for free oysters at Cityfish tonight.  Such sacrifices we make in the name of good eatin'. 

I don't think I remember this work out being so tough (maybe its because I skipped it during week 2).  We were both sweating a lot and breathing really heavily.  At one point I felt like throwing up (sorry for the details).  We somehow managed to work through it and finished our 60 minutes of exercise.  I made us some protein shakes while Ryan started on some egg whites and turkey bacon for our breakfast.  I'm never too hungry first thing in the morning so after finishing the shake I packed up my breakfast to eat my desk at work. 

Monday, June 14, 2010

weekend recap

I like when people ask me how my weekend was and I can honestly say it was good.  Pretty good even.  Friday after work Ryan and I did our legs and back work out courtesy of P90X.  Like Mondays and Wednesdays, Fridays bring 15 minutes of the Ab ripper work out.  Just like clockwork, the end of our exercise signalled the start of our protein shake drinking.  We needed something in our tummies to hold us over before our yummy dinner at Luma.

Oh Luma ... how I love thee.  Let me count the ways ... how about starting off our meal with truffle oil and shaved Parmesan cheese popcorn?  Such a fun and delicious appetizer.  Then Ryan and I split a caprese salad with super fresh mozzarella cheese.  I opted for the duck entree and Ryan for the red meat (flank steak).  We both had some red wine and thoroughly enjoyed the meal.  Afterwards we continued the wine drinking at the Wine Room next door.  The wine was good but the crowd was kind of strange so we finished our drinks and headed across the street to the Park Plaza Gardens where we ordered MORE red wine.  We had such a great date night.

We were feeling kind of sluggish Saturday morning so instead of jumping right into our work out we decided to eat some breakfast and wait until later in the day to work out.  We spent the morning tidying up our apartment and were ready to work out around noon.  Once we were done with Kenpo (the marital arts/kickboxing stuff) we had some protein shakes (shocker) and hit the showers.  Not sure what the purpose of showering was since we got drenched in sweat on our walk over to Wildside's.  We were meeting Chris and some friends there to watch the USA/England soccer match.  The game ended in a tie (better than losing) and after eating some wings and drinking some beer my belly was full. 

We lounged around our house until we motivated ourselves to go bowling.  We played 2 games (Ryan successfully beat me both times) and then headed to Antonio's in Maitland for some salad and pizza.  It was our first time there and will not be our last.  The food was scrumptious!  We went to bed pretty early Saturday night in anticipation of our early day on Sunday. 

We woke up at 6:30am and got ready for Ryan's nephew's 1st communion in St. Petersburg.  Honey lucked out and got to spend the day at Chris's with her boyfriend Koz (Chris's puggle).  We made the 2 hour drive and sat in church from 9:30 til almost 11:00.  Yikes!  Afterwards we went to a local breakfast restaurant and feasted on eggs, bacon, toast, and breakfast potatoes.  Once we were done we headed back home and relaxed the rest of the day.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Flexibility? Not here.

After some cursing at the TV and stumbling around our living room, Ryan and I completed another round of P90X yoga last night.  90 minutes is way too long for any amount of exercise, unless you're running a long race.  Towards the last couple of minutes of the work out Ryan let Honey out of her room and she came running into the living room ready to do some stretching on our mats.  Having her around while we're working out is definitely not helpful but quite entertaining.

Instead of making a protein smoothie after yoga I opted for starting dinner right away.  Ryan and I were both starving so the tacos I made couldn't come fast enough.  Although cheeseburgers are my favorite food I think tacos top Ryan's list.  He's always pretty pleased on nights when we eat tacos. 

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 10: P90X

Day 10 of P90X brought a second round of shoulders and arms.  I feel as though I'm getting better at these exercises and don't really mind doing this work out.  I even managed to some of the "bonus round" material at the end.  After almost an hour of working out upper body we switched gears to do the ab work out for the 5th time since day 1 of P90X.  Ryan and I have found ourselves completing almost all of the ab exercises which is good considering there are a total of 349 done during the video. 

After we were done with our work outs I made us some green monsters.  These had the usual ingredients (2 handfuls of spinach, ice, water, 1 whole banana, 1 spoonful of peanut butter, 1 scoop protein powder, and a drizzle of chocolate syrup.  I love how tasty these smoothies are and how healthy they are because of the banana and spinach.  Pretty soon I'm going to look like this guy:

We rushed through some showers (even Honey got a bath) and headed out for some dinner at Urban Flats.  We had a chance to catch up with Meghan, who was already at Urban Flats for their weekly "Wine Down Wednesday" event.  Some pancetta/Gorgonzola flat bread, mixed green salad with raisins and goat cheese, and delicious Spanish wine was devoured. 

for the record ...

I skipped Monday's P90X workout (chest/back) because Ryan was out of town and I couldn't do the pull-ups on my own.  I did do the ab workout though.  On Tuesday I skipped plyometrics since Ryan took the DVD with him to Salt Lake City, Utah.  Instead of just sitting on the couch and enjoying my skip day I ran for cheeseburgers, literally.

I had made plans with Chris to eat $1 burgers at Dexter's and knew when he dropped me off at home at 5:30pm that he was starving.  "Hurry," was all he said to me as I got out of the car, and hurry I did.  After taking Honey for her usual walk I quickly changed into some exercise gear and bounded down the elevator to the 7th floor.  There was no way that I was running outside around the lake in this heat.  I knew the pressure was on to finish a fast work out so I ran my little butt off.  I managed to run 2.1 miles in 20 minutes (1 minute warm-up included).  This was 2 minutes less time than Monday but 0.1 miles more.  Clearly I was running with more of a purpose on Tuesday.

I headed back upstairs to shower and was out the door by 6:22pm.  The walk to Dexter's took 12 minutes (yes I timed it) but it was totally worth it.  I ordered 2 1/4 pound burgers, 1 with blue cheese and bacon and the other with cheddar and bacon.  There were 4 of us at the table and we split 2 large bowls of golden french fries.  I couldn't pass up on the $2 off imported bottled beer and enjoyed 2 Amstel Lights with my budget burgers.  All-in-all a good night was had.

Monday, June 7, 2010

whoa ... let's back it up

Where have I been???  I was out of town this past weekend and work has been pretty busy so it has cut into my blogging efforts.  Excuses excuses I know. 

Anyways today resumed P90X after one day of rest on Sunday.  I did not do the chest/back work out since Ryan is out of town and I can't do pull-ups without him spotting me.  Instead I did 2 miles on the treadmill (22 minutes total, 2 minute warm-up included) and then 3 back exercises, with 3 sets each, 12-15 reps.  Then I came back upstairs to do the P90X ab work out for 15 minutes. 

This past weekend I was in Naples for Jackie's bachelorette party and then Davie for her shower.  We had a lot of fun spending time at the beach and then heading out for dinner and drinks on Saturday.  Before I started the journey down to south Florida I did the kenpo work out with Ryan at 7:30am.  It was an hour long of kickboxing/karate type cardio.  Definitely a good hour long work out.  I like starting off the weekend with a good work out especially if I know my meals won't be as healthy as they are during the week.

Friday after work we did the legs and back work out ... lots of squats and lunges with pull-ups mixed in after every 2 leg exercises.  I will never be a fan of pull-ups but Ryan said I was getting better (even though he is still spotting me the entire time).  After the 60 minute work out we did the ab work out for the 3rd time this week.  I am definitely getting better at the exercises after so many days of repetition. 

Thursday night was yoga night.  90 minutes of stretching and flexibility exercises with lots of emphasis on your core.  Ryan is not a fan of yoga and I have to admit it was fun watching him struggle through most of it.  I've got to give him credit though, he has definitely put a lot of effort into each day of these work outs.  After we were done working out we headed to Tijuana Flats for a quick dinner before my movie date night with Katie (we saw Sex and the City 2).

And I think that covers the past 4.5 days since my last post.  I will try to be a better blogger tomorrow!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thursday's nom noms

When I get Honey's food ready (which means just pouring dog food into a bowl and drizzling some tap water on it) I always tell her "come get your nom noms."  Not sure why I started using the phrase "nom noms" to describe food or snacks but it works in the Chalmers household. 
Today I decided to track everything that I eat on here.  I will try to include pictures but I have already failed in that task by not taking a picture of my coffee or orange juice this morning.  So we'll proceed with the rest of the day ...

At around 9am I made myself a bowl of Kashi GOLEAN Hot Cereal Creamy Truly Vanilla.  It wasn't half bad.  After checking out the website I saw that there is another flavor, Hearty Honey Cinnamon, that sounds delicious.  This breakfast option seems really healthy and only has 150 calories and 2 grams of fat.  Out of the 25 grams total carbs, 9 of them were fiber.  Plus it has 9 grams of protein!

I opted to bring this to work with me instead of making breakfast at home since Ryan is out of town and I really don't like cooking for just me :(  so sad.  Plus we were pretty lazy this morning (Honey and I) and I was running late for work.

Around 10am I got the munchies again and had some more snacks.  I tend to eat something small every 1-2 hours.  I enjoyed an apple (sorry no picture) and had some edamame that had been dry roasted and lightly salted.  I really like these "nuts."  Each 1/4 cup serving has 130 calories, 4 grams of fat, 9 grams of carbs (7 of which are fiber), and 13 grams of protein. 

Now that it's past noon it's time to eat part of my lunch.  I decided to switch it up from the usual peanut butter and jelly sandwich to a reduced fat cream cheese and cucumber sandwich on Pepperidge Farm's deli flats.  At 100 calories and 1.5 grams of fat per serving, these deli flats have become my go-to choice for sandwiches.  
  I'm convinced my stomach is set to some invisible alarm clock that goes off every 2 hours ... the clock says 2:30pm and I'm a salad.  I used romaine lettuce, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, Spanish olives, and Gorgonzola cheese.  The dressing is some sort of vinaigrette called Northern Italian with basil and Romano.  It's pretty delicious. 

Along side is my next snack ... strawberries.  I decided to bring them to my desk along with the salad to save me the walk to the break room where the refrigerators are.  My legs are still sore from plyo on Tuesday so I've been avoiding extra walking/moving/breathing.  So I'll probably chow down on those around 3:30pm. 

And that my friends will bring me into late afternoon/early evening where I'll head home to do 1.5 hours of P90X yoga.  Can't wait. 

some walking and some eating

Yesterday after work I took Honey on a long walk.  We walked along Robinson St. and then turned onto Eola Dr.  By the time we passed Panera Honey was huffing and puffing.  It was exceptionally warm out and she was not enjoying the heat at all.  We made it to the playground area and I picked her up (lazy dog I know but I really thought she would pass out) and walked the inner loop of the lake towards Washington St.  Then we continued our walk on the outer loop on Rosalind until we reached the VUE.  After mapping our route on MapMyRun I found that we did approx. 1 mile.  Although it wasn't running I still think it was better than not doing anything at all.

We (Honey and I) lounged on the couch while I read my new Shape magazine.  She kept herself entertained with various toys, including the right leg of her stuffed monkey.  That's right, just the leg.  She managed to rip it off the monkey within days of having it. 

I only got through a couple of the articles when I decided to watch a movie I had saved on the DVR, "Vicky Cristina Barcelona."  What a wacky movie.  It was only 1 hour and 45 minutes so it definitely did not drag on.  I honestly enjoyed it even though all of the characters in the movie were severely screwed up.  Halfway through the movie I paused it to make myself dinner.  I had some leftover salad from the night before and then on the side I fried an egg and some thinly sliced chorizo.  Delicious.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

let's do some running!

I was doing my usual blog reading this morning when I came across this tidbit of information ... today is National Running Day!  I had completely forgotten about this great day.  From the National Running Day website, "It's all about that first step!"  Unfortunately when I looked up events in Florida the only listing was in Boca Raton.  Looks like I'll have to add a quick run around Lake Eola to my day. 

rise and shine!

Although our alarm clocks were already set at 5:30, someone thought that wasn't early enough to start our day.  Honey woke us up at 5:00 ready to go out for a walk.  Luckily Ryan took her outside and I stayed in bed hoping the day wouldn't have to start yet.  We managed to stay in bed a few minutes past our alarm clocks going off but then we got up since we knew the P90X work out for today would take over an hour.

Day 3 of P90X includes shoulders and arms and then the ab work out after that.  I don't usually mind working out shoulders and biceps but the triceps exercises were tricky and I had to really work hard on those.  I was able to do at least 8 reps (and sometimes up to 12) on all of the exercises.  After doing plyo yesterday an easier work out was much appreciated.  After an hour of working out our upper body we switched the DVDs and started the 15 minute ab work out.  Although this is the 2nd time we've had to work out abs, Ryan and I still can't keep up and finish all 25 reps of all 12 exercises.  All I have to think about is with time we'll get better and in the mean time we're still working out as hard as we can.

After our loooooong work out I made us some protein shakes and Ryan started on our egg whites and turkey bacon breakfast.  We also had some reduced fat cottage cheese to go with that.  I can never eat that much food so early in the morning so most of my shake was taken as a to-go drink on my way to work. 

I'm glad I don't have an hour long work out waiting for me when I get home from work.  Hopefully I'll feel motivated enough to take Honey on a long walk before the rain starts. 

plyo what?

The second day of the P90X work out is plyometricsPlyometrics loosely translates into “jump training”.  It was a whole lot of lunges and squats.  Ryan and I looked like a couple of idiots who couldn't stop jumping around the living room.  Thankfully after an hour it was over.  Although it was only the 2nd day of P90X, I would venture to say this was the hardest work out.

I made us some protein shakes using our vanilla protein mix, some soy milk, ice cubes, and 1/2 of a banana.  Then I got started on our dinner ... grilled chicken, side of brown rice, and a salad with romaine lettuce, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, and reduced fat Gorgonzola cheese.  Not a bad meal to have after working out so hard.

I was pretty exhausted so we went to bed pretty early.  It was a good thing that we did this since our alarm clocks were set to 5:30! 

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

a hellish monday

Yesterday marked Day 1 of P90X and I already hate it.  The first work out of the series was chest and back, followed by the ab DVD.  Let me tell you how much I hate working out chest.  I didn't really mind working out back in the past but that was before I realized P90X is all about pull-ups and push-ups, two types of exercises that I a) hate and b) can't even do properly.

The chest and back work out was split into 2 parts; you would go through all of the exercises once and then they would make you do everything for a second time.  It was intense.  I'm not sure how many push-ups and pull-ups I did total (since I wasn't doing the full amount at all) but I know it's more than I've ever done in my life.

By the time you start the ab work out you just want to throw your sneaker through the television.  Less than 15 minutes later the total amount of "crunches" should have been 349.  I can honestly say that I did not reach this lofty amount.  Either way I managed to do some of the core/ab work out so that's better than not trying at all.

Part of the 90 day work out is increasing your protein intake and decreasing your carb intake.  I'm loosely following the diet plan since I'm not really looking at losing any weight from P90X.

I'm going to try to run some miles here and there but so far I don't see that happening in the next couple of days. 

I'll try not to complain too much as the days go on.  Hopefully in the end of 90 days I'll be in much better shape and will be able to do a pull-up without Ryan spotting me and a real push-up and not a "girly" one.