Friday, May 21, 2010

thursday's work out

After getting home from work yesterday and then taking Honey on her afternoon walk, it was time for some runnin'.  I opted to stay indoors on the treadmill rather than heading outdoors for two reasons 1) Ryan was out of town and I don't like running outside without a running partner 2) it was freakin' hot.

  • 3.35 miles in 33:30 minutes (395 calories burned according to the treadmill)
  • 1 minute warm-up and 3 minute cool down is included in that time so I'm not THAT slow, although I have definitely slowed down quite a bit

Once I was done running I had to rush to shower and eat dinner cause I was meeting up with Chris and Bree to head over to the Regal Cinema in Waterford Lakes.  We had gotten tickets to see Times Talks Live featuring the creators of LOST.  Yes you can say it ... we're all big nerds.  Fortunately for us we weren't the only LOST fanatics in the theater.

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