Wednesday, May 19, 2010

that kind of day ...

I definitely did not get enough sleep last night.  Getting home past midnight and then not falling asleep until close to 1am is way later than my usual bed time.  Waking up this morning at 6:20am (my usual time) did not go well.  I stayed in bed until 7:10.  Somehow I still made it in to work by 8:00 with a packed breakfast and lunch.

Now that it's the afternoon and my 12 oz of morning coffee has worn off I am definitely getting drowsy.  After realizing I had nothing to do during my lunch break I took it as an opportunity to walk to Cozee Cafe, a neighboring coffee shop. 
It is definitely hot outside and wearing a black shirt did not help keep me cool.  The walk itself takes a little less than 10 minutes each way and having some Coldplay playing on my iPhone helped make the walk more doable.  Once I got to the cafe I ordered a large iced latte but was torn on the flavor choice.  This place seriously has over 20 different flavors to choose from.  They have normal ones like vanilla and mocha but then they also have some fun flavors like bananas foster, tiramisu, and my new favorite chocolate chip cookie dough.  They also give you the choice of 2%, skim, or soy milk.  I went with skim and am thoroughly enjoying my afternoon delight.  Once in a while its OK for me to deviate from my no caffeine after 10am rule.

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