Wednesday, May 26, 2010

pick a composer

There are days when I feel like listening to classical music.  They aren't as rare as one would think.  Although I have self-diagnosed myself with adult ADD and usually go a mile a minute, I do enjoy how calm and soothing classical music can be.

This morning I searched on Grooveshark for some Beethoven.  It's a toss up between him and Mozart for my favorite composer status.  I chose Beethoven because his music has been on my mind since last night when I read an article in Runner's World about a guy who would listen to Beethoven at times while running. 

Currently the song playing is "Symphony no. 5 in C minor" and it has made the past 7 minutes very enjoyable.  "Symphony no. 7 in A minor" has just begun and I find myself drifting off to a place far away from this sterile and dismal cubicle. 

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