Friday, May 14, 2010

let's play a game ...

Let's see if you can guess correctly the answers to these questions:

1) did Jess and Ryan work out when they got home from work yesterday?
a. of course they did, they're die hard work out fanatics
b. they briefly considered the thought of at least running around the lake and skipping weight training
c. hell no. as soon as they got home they both laid on the couch for hours

2) what did the Chalmers eat for dinner?
a. they decided to clean out their cabinets and made canned tuna and brown rice
b. Jess made ground turkey with olives and raisins all on top of brown rice (tastes better than it sounds)
c. McDonald's! Jess had been craving it all day

I'm sure you guys have caught on that we did NOT work out yesterday and ate McDonald's for dinner. Both were very bad decisions on our part. I wish the disgrace would stop there but it doesn't ... I ate 2 double cheeseburgers, along with 3 mcnuggets, and 1/2 of the large french fries order. Why do I think I should eat like a 14 year old boy (or in last night's case my 29 year old husband)?

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