Friday, May 14, 2010

hot temperatures = shorts weather

One of my favorite parts of summertime is the ability to wear shorts to all types of events which may not be appropriate to wear during other times of the year.

The attire for going out on a Friday or Saturday night to a bar or restaurant can now include shorts when paired with cute sandals and a fun top.  I usually take advantage of these situations and prepare in the weeks leading up to the intense heat by stocking up on a couple new pairs of "nice" shorts.  Trust me, it's not like I'm walking around wearing jean shorts (jorts) everywhere.  I usually stick to solid colors (white, black, navy blue) and make sure they are dressier than every day casual shorts. 

Since I had nothing else to do today during lunch I ventured over to H&M (conveniently located 5 minutes away at the Seminole Town Center).  I grabbed an armful of clothes to try on and even managed to pick out a pair of shorts and a new t-shirt for Ryan.  While in the dressing room I anxiously tried on a cute pair of navy blue shorts that I had anticipated wearing tonight to meet up Meghan.  Alas I am no longer a size 2.  Although the shorts were a tad too tight the real problem surfaced when I turned around to check out my butt in the mirror.  GASP!  My legs were no longer the lean, muscular, toned legs from pre-wedding exercising.  They were now flabby and even had signs of what people describe as "cottage cheese thighs". 

In a panic I tore off those terrible shorts and vowed to myself that I would begin an intense work out regimen today after work.  First step was taking the four flights of stairs back to my office.  This is going to be a long summer.

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