Thursday, May 20, 2010

happy thursday

(will run for coffee)

Elevators can be an awkward spot if there are strangers in there who want to talk.  This morning an older man was in the elevator at work with me and commented on the fact that I had two cups in my hands (one was empty from the strawberry smoothie I had drank and the second was my undrank coffee). 

"At least we'll have something to drink if this thing breaks." 

Really?  Why joke about elevators breaking down especially when that elevator in particularly has broken enough times to put fear in most of the employees in this building. 

"Uh ha.  Too bad one is already empty." 

It's hard for me to speak to people at 7:30am without sounding too incredibly sarcastic and/or bitchy.  Even when I reached my floor and I assumed there would be no room for further conversation he still managed to say "Enjoy all of your beverages."  Will do buddy, will do.

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