Wednesday, May 12, 2010

2 days of running = calzones and wings

Monday was a successful work out day for Mr. Chalmers and I. We ran 2 outer laps around Lake Eola and it was one of the hardest runs I've had in a long time. It was so hot outside and I couldn't get a rhythm going with my breathing. When the 2 laps were over the last thing we wanted to do was weight train but we managed to head to the 7th floor. I pushed through my lack of energy and did 3 different bicep exercises. I even managed to increase my weight from 5lbs to 10lbs on the last exercise. I finished off the evening of working out with 125 crunches.

Last night I was able to drag Ryan outside for a run/walk around the lake. We did 2 outer laps again with only minimal walking. I kept telling him it was better than not doing anything at all. At least we can start to have some consistency with a) being outside and b) being active for 20+ minutes.

We skipped doing a weight work out in favor of getting delicious food from Broadway Pizza. Although we didn't go to the location by UCF, the restaurant we did go to was owned by the same people and provided the same menu. We settled on my usual meal from there from back in the days of college - pepperoni calzone and hot chicken wings. It was all washed down with a delicious cherry coke. At least working out for 2 days in a row made me feel a little less guilty about eating such unhealthy and fattening food.

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