Thursday, April 15, 2010

will run for pb&j?

Today is the Corporate 5k in downtown Orlando. Part of the course is literally right outside the VUE so convenience is definitely not a problem. We are also fortunate to run as guests of a Rockwell corp. employee (Mike) so our entry fee was paid for. This is probably the busiest 5k of the running season with thousands upon thousands of runners participating. The end of the race even features a beer tent filled with kegs of Michelob Ultra.

I've run this race in the past and even was the team captain for a Bank of New York Mellon team last year. We ended up placing first in the banking industry category. This year I had no desire to head up another team since most of the department had already been laid off. Plus not paying the $25 entry fee was definitely a factor in not continuing a bank running team.

It is week 3 of not eating meat so eating a cheeseburger was out of the question before today's race. Instead I just ate 2 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Both were made on Arnold Select Sandwich Thins. This is the second pack of sandwich thins that I have purchased and have enjoyed them quite a bit. Although I am a big lover of big doughy bread served warm out of the oven (usually drenched in butter), I prefer less bread in my sandwich and more sandwich filling instead. Since I'm limited on vegetarian sandwich choices the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches have been some what "flat" but I guess that's the point. That and less calories.
We'll see if eating pb&j before the race helps me race as fast as I do when I eat cheeseburgers.

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