Monday, April 12, 2010

where have I been?

It feels like I took a really long break from working out. I've managed to keep up with running but eliminated weight training since doing shoulders on April 1st up until last night when I brought the weights back.

Last weekend Ryan and I ran on Saturday and Sunday around Lake Eola. Saturday was 2.5 miles and Sunday was 3.59 miles. I tried to keep up with the outdoor running and did 3.22 miles on Tuesday (along with 100 crunches) and 2 outer loops around the lake on Wednesday. I took Thursday off and then dragged Ryan outside on Friday for 2 inner loops around the lake. I managed to skip running on Saturday and only did 2.0 miles in 20 minutes yesterday on the treadmill (at an incline of 1.0 the entire time). I also did 100 crunches, 3 bicep exercises, squats, and calf raises yesterday.

With not much time left to work out before the wedding, the frequency of work outs is going to increase dramatically. Wednesday is my final dressing fitting so let's hope I haven't gained or lost any weight!

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