Friday, April 2, 2010

thursday's work out

I gladly took Wednesday off from working out. I was starting to feel sore from the interval training the two days before and figured keeping off my legs would be good. I did stay active though and walked around Lake Lily (in Maitland) with Honey, Katie and her dog Emma, and Katie's roommate Carrie with her dog Brady. After walking 3 times around the lake we headed over to Qdoba for some dinner. Mexican restaurants are the easiest places to eat at if you're trying to eat meatless meals. I opted for their "pick 2 deal" and got a cheese/black bean quesadilla and small salad.

Yesterday I was feeling even more sore than before. To the point it was almost painful to walk. That didn't stop me though from running 2 miles on the treadmill at a very slow pace (20 minutes total time). Then I did 3 shoulder exercises and finished up with 125 crunches. It actually didn't hurt as much to run as it did to just walk.

I completed my first week of being a pescetarian last night at Mucho. I had a black bean and cheese chimichanga ... or at least I tried to eat it. It was gigantic! I managed to eat 1/3 of it before passing it on to Ryan. He gladly devoured it after finishing the habernero challenge.

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