Friday, April 16, 2010

metro espresso = happiness

The race last night was madness. There were 12,600 runners who had signed up for the race. I know that at least one runner was not at the race, and that was Chris since he opted to skip it and just drink beer.

By the time 7:15pm rolled around (the start of the race) I was starving. The thought of running 3.1 miles on an empty stomach was daunting. I knew we were eating at Metro Espresso after the race so I used that as my motivation. It felt like I was chasing after a gigantic pizza pie in the sky.

Sadly I didn't have my best time ever, which proves that eating cheeseburgers before a race is still the best meal for fast results. I did however finish in 26:30 minutes which isn't too terrible. Plus I decided to run without my ipod which I don't think I like doing since the music definitely helps tune out all of the annoying noises around me (ie. guys with heavy breathing) and helps even out my tempo.

Once we made it to an outside table at Metro we quickly ordered an order of garlic knots and extra large Pizza Picante. The garlic knots were disappointing; not nearly enough garlic or cheese. The Pizza Picante was perfect. We ordered half without pepperoni and only with the pepperoncini peppers for the vegetarian at the table (me). Two slices per person was seriously not enough but eating any more than that would've teetered on us being excessive. The boys had all polished off turkey sandwiches, bags of chips, and multiple cookies at Mike's company's tent after the race.

All in all it wasn't a bad way to end a Thursday night.

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