Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I do what I want

There were two different cases in the past two days where a friend of mine was driving on the highway and was hit by a drunk driver. In both cases each friend managed to walk away with no real injuries. One friend's car had a few scrapes and dents and the other friend's car was completely totaled.

Luckily my friends were not badly injured. These situations make you look at your own life and wonder if you've been living your life to its fullest; if you've told the special people in your life how much you loved/appreciated them lately.

I'm usually a planner with everything in my life. Once in a while it's ok to be spontaneous and buy concert tickets in two different cities for the same act. Especially if its a musician that you really enjoy listening to, such as Jack Johnson. Worst case I end up selling a pair of the tickets. At least I won't end up sitting back and missing out on his concert.

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