Thursday, April 8, 2010

don't cry over spilled tomato juice

No matter how early I set my alarm clock in the morning I always manage to run out of time. This morning was no different. As Ryan walked Honey outside I decided to start making breakfast and my lunch for work. Since Ryan has been doing his South Beach diet, phase 1, he hasn't been eating carbohydrates. His breakfasts have consisted of eggs, Canadian bacon or turkey bacon, cottage cheese, and a glass of tomato juice. I made myself an egg and cheese sandwich since I'm not eating meat yet (2 weeks so far). Breakfast was finally done and I had just poured myself a glass of delicious orange juice when I realized Ryan needed his drink too. So I hastily grabbed the bottle of tomato juice and as I opened it I ended up spilling some down my body (stomach, leg, foot, then floor). What a mess. Not to mention I was already running late so cleaning the floor and myself up took away some more time.

Luckily I still made it to work in time and I'm already done with my first blog for Thursday. Guess this day isn't starting off too badly.

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