Tuesday, April 13, 2010

bad influences

Do you have those friends that act like little devils, sitting on your shoulder, encouraging you to do bad things? I have a couple of those friends (sometimes my fiance even falls into that category).

Last night we went to Tijuana Flats for buy-one, get-one free entrees. Ryan and I agreed that the only way we could indulge ourselves for yet another meal, was if we worked out beforehand. I ran 2.3 miles on the treadmill in 22:30 minutes (0 incline) and did 3 shoulder exercises and 100 crunches.

On our walk over to T. Flats we texted Chris and told him to meet us there. Him and his roommate, Mike, both joined us in eating delicious, affordable food. Each duo started off with a pitcher of Dos Equis beer. After we were finished eating I figured it would be time to go home. Thanks to the 3 enablers sitting at the table we ended up drinking way more beer than anticipated for a quiet Monday night. It started with Mike buying a third pitcher then Chris bought a bucket of beers. I felt like it would never end. Had I not protested further I feel that we might still be sitting at that same table drinking Mexican beer.

So while sitting across from Chris and Mike, listening to them bicker back and forth about the current real estate market, it dawned on me that they were human versions of those lovable Sesame Street characters, Bert and Ernie. Chris is the tall and serious Bert and Mike is the shorter more lovable goofball Ernie. Since neither of them read my blog I figure they will never know about my comparison. It probably doesn't help their cause that they are roommates and are always together.

I wonder which Sesame Street character I am similar to. Ryan would definitely be the Count. He has his counting technique down pat.