Wednesday, March 31, 2010

tuesday's work out

I wish I could rewind Tuesday and have a do-0ver. At least for the evening part. I got home from work and walked Honey as usual. Instead of putting on gym clothes I opted to lay on the couch and watch "Gossip Girl." I should've gotten working out done before I started to relax regardless of how tired I felt.

By 6:45pm Honey had to go back outside for another bathroom break. She seriously has the world's smallest bladder (just like Old Man Chalmers). Before taking her out I figured I would change into gym clothes and then head down to the gym after Honey's walk. In the gym I decided to try a different interval treadmill plan. Unlike Monday's work out, this training plan was 45 minutes long, rather than 35 minutes. The extra 10 minutes really took it out of me. I did 4 miles in 45:06 minutes and burned 442 calories according to the treadmill. The last thing I wanted to do was weight training, but I managed to do 2 different bicep exercises, 3 sets of each.

I skipped crunches and headed upstairs to make dinner. It was almost 7:45pm and clearly way past my dinner time. I was starved. I whipped together my first ever batch of poached eggs and ate them over mashed cannelini beans. After adding some liberal dashes of hot sauce the meal was delicious.

Working out right after work is clearly my best option. Thankfully I'm taking today off ... my legs are sore!

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