Friday, March 5, 2010

thursday's (disappointing) work out

I had every intention to have a good work out last night. I got home from work, walked Honey, started a load of laundry, and even prepped that night's dinner. I was being uber productive and should've carried that productivity into the gym.

My legs weren't having it though. I jumped on the treadmill ready to tackle miles and inclines and neither really happened. I managed to do the following:
  • 2 miles in 18:30 mins - speed ranging from 6.5-7.0

How pathetic. I couldn't even get 3 miles in. I think part of the problem was the Paula Dean show I was watching was a repeat and the boredom had set in mid run.

I did manage to get 3 tricep exercises in and 100 crunches. I'm well on my way to a 6pack stomach for Costa Rica :)

Although there were no cheeseburgers at dinner, the honey/lemon baked chicken and roasted zucchini and tomatoes I made were delicious.

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