Monday, March 29, 2010

rainy Monday

It's such a gloomy, rainy Monday. Days like this make me avoid all types of productivity. I should be writing about all of the non-working out I did on Saturday and Sunday (I did manage to run 3 inner loops around Lake Eola on Friday afternoon) or the non-healthy food I ate all weekend (veggie pizza from Papa John's can't be THAT bad for you). Or even how I have managed to stay on track with my non-meat eating goal for the month.
Instead I rather post a picture of Honey and talk about how awesome of a dog she is. Honey is almost 1 year old (birthday is on April 21st) and has been acting more like an adult lately. Ryan and I have been able to leave her out in the living room while we've been gone for hours at a time. Accidents in the house have become more scarce and it's hard to believe she is actually listening to us now. We are lucky to have such a cute 8 pound bundle of fur that loves us unconditionally.
Happy Monday from Honey and I.

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