Thursday, March 11, 2010

rainy days

It has been raining all day, with occasional brief pauses. During one of these pauses in the rainfall I decided to venture out for my lunch break. I was on the hunt for some yellow shoes to wear to the bridal shower on Sunday. I finally found a pair at Old Navy (along with some other good deals) and as I was getting ready to leave the store I realized that the rain had begun. I threw my hoodie on and ran to the car. I still had one more stop before heading back to the office and was already annoyed at getting caught in the rain for a 2ND time.

While I sat in my car at Publix, waiting for another short pause in the rain, I saw a lady rush out of the store with her cart and head to her car. She grabbed the bags and jumped into her car, carelessly leaving the cart in the middle of the parking lot. I forgot to mention that not only was it very very rainy today but there were also 20-25 mph winds. So as I'm sitting in my car waiting for the rain to slowdown I see the aforementioned lady's cart come flying at my car. BANG! And no I am not exaggerating. The stupid thing hit the side of my car. At this point I don't really care about the rain and just want to get back to work (did I really say that?). I finish up my shopping at Publix and wouldn't you know it's raining HARDER. I drive back to work, find the closest parking spot that I can, and walk in the rain back to the building. I was soaked and annoyed and had left my purse in the car to avoid getting that thing soaked as well.

Once I was back at my desk (and wearing my fuzzy slippers) I decided that the only thing that would make my day better was a Coca Cola Classic. Then I remembered I had left my purse (along with my wallet) in my car and had no money with me. Aha! The monkey bank was just sitting on my shelf staring at me. *Back story on the monkey* One day I went to Target during lunch (shocker) and found the monkey bank in the dollar section of the store. I couldn't pass up a deal so I bought him and have been adding coins ever since. Other co-workers have also fed the monkey (mainly Travis while he was still in this department).

I took the stopper out from the bottom of the monkey and dumped all of the change out on my desk. As I scavenged through the pennies I finally found what I was looking for ... some silver. A combination of nickels, dimes, and one lucky quarter added up to the $0.60 that I needed for my delicious afternoon delight. I padded over to the break room in my very comfortable slippers (don't judge) and inserted the coins into the vending machine. One Coca Cola Classic coming right up! It was delicious and totally made me happy. I guess saving up for a rainy day really came into play today. I'll stop now with all of the rhyming.


  1. keep it up! it's refreshing to read your writing, especially at the end of a looooooong day at work.

    miss ya already!