Wednesday, March 10, 2010

oysters by the dozen (or more)

Tuesday was such a great day. The sun was shining, my work load was easy (a little too easy), and I was just in a good mood. Oh and I was anxiously awaiting my date with Sunny all day. We had plans to go to Cityfish for free oysters!

When I got home from work Ryan and I were surprised to see yet another wedding present already delivered. We quickly tore into the box and saw that it was this awesome wine cellar from Crate & Barrel we had registered for. I can't wait to plug it in and start chilling some delicious vino.

After the excitement from another wedding present subsided we decided to venture outdoors for our first run outside in weeks, maybe even months (training wise; we've had a couple of races this year that were very very cold).

  • 2 outer laps around Lake Eola - 2.2 miles = 19:49 minutes

Once we were done I rushed inside to get showered and ready for my dinner date. Sunny and I walked over to Cityfish and sat at the bar. I didn't realize they offered so many happy hour specials ... $2 budlight drafts (we sampled 2 each), $5 cheeseburger sliders (we also sampled these), along with $5 fish tacos (we opted to save these for another day). The highlight of the evening was the oyster bar in the back of the restaurant from 6-7pm. All you can eat free oysters! I was in heaven. Oyster heaven that is. We were served four at time and I must say I refilled my plate four times. 16 oysters is definitely the most I have ever eaten. I'm looking forward to surpassing this amount one day.

I felt the cheeseburger slider special at Cityfish was a sign to reward myself for running outside and not on the treadmill. The little bite-sized (Jess-sized or Sunny-sized can be used as well) burgers were delicious.

After training solely on a treadmill all winter long it's going to take awhile to get used to running outside again. The strides are different, how hard your sneaker hits varies, and just getting used to dodging pedestrians on the sidewalk, are things to deal with when switching from indoors to outdoors.

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  1. What a great Oyster date! We'll have to do that again. Thanks for including me in the small person-sized descriptions. ;)