Friday, March 26, 2010

night one ...

Last night was my first meal of pescetarianism for the month. I was lucky that dinner plans with my friend Sheila included going to Shari Sushi restaurant. I enjoyed a volcano roll (crab), salmon sashimi, and Japanese bagel hand roll (more salmon). If only all of my meals would taste that delicious this month of non-meat eating would be a breeze.

Yesterday I skipped my evening work out since I had just finished an hour long kickball game with co-workers earlier in the afternoon. Plus there was vacuuming and laundry to do at the house and chores are definitely calorie burning activities too. (

I also burned calories on the walk to meet up with Sheila, then the walk from Shari to Mucho (Chris and Ryan had been enjoying multiple margaritas), then Mucho to the Pourhouse, then Pourhouse to Mochi (yum yum yum frozen yogurt), and then finally home. My love for Mochi is unwavering. What is there not to love about a variety of frozen yogurt flavors plus a multitude of delicious toppings?

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