Thursday, December 18, 2014

2 very different 2 milers

Short and sweet. That's the name of my jogging game lately. I don't want to put any stress on the baby and quite frankly it's become more difficult to keep up a faster pace.

Yesterday I did my 2 miler outdoors at the beautiful Little Sugar Creek greenway. It also helped that my goal for finishing was a Bruegger's bagel ... Did y'all know that they have olive cream cheese and garlic bagels?

It was around 40 degrees and I was definitely dressed for it.

This morning Mason asked me where we were going today (he loves being out on the town it seems) so the gym seemed like a viable option. This was my fifth morning running in a row so I wanted to take it easy.

Another 2 miler but this time indoors around the track. Much different wardrobe choice when running at the gym. Loved my cute backless shirt and sports bra combo, but unfortunately the bump has gotten too big and the shirt isn't long enough anymore :(

Probably taking a day off tomorrow from running but hoping to meet my goal of running 900 miles in 2014. I think I have 19 miles to go!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

pregnancy #2 - week 28

Whew ... almost didn't get this post done in time.  Just got home from a "crazy" date night with Ryan.  We went to the movies and saw "Hunger Games, Mockingjay - Part 1."  It wasn't bad.  I can't remember the last time we went to the movies.  I definitely inhaled my kid's pack (tiny popcorn, fruit snacks, and extra small drink).

Anyways back to the task at hand.  This week I hit 28 weeks.  On Friday I have my regular check up at the ob/gyn and will see how baby is doing for the 29 weeks post.

I'm feeling great, large, but great.  Still have major back pain and have started to get super tired by late afternoon.  I squeezed into regular jeans for today but as Ryan pointed out, the zipper isn't having it and looks like it might break with further wear (you can see what I'm talking about in one of the pictures).

I just liked the silhouette look of this picture

 Gap Body maternity extra small tank, Gap jeggings size 25R

just realized I am in my third trimester.  yahoo!  according to
Your baby's the size of an eggplant!
Putting on layers of fat, your baby now weighs in around 1.5 to 2.5 pounds and measures about 13.6 to 14.8 inches.
pregnancy symptoms at 28 weeks
  • Trouble sleeping. As you get closer to your due date, you'll likely have more and more trouble with this. It could be hormones or nerves -- or both! (YES!!!)
  • Shortness of breath, as baby continues to crowd your lungs. (not too bad)
  • Aches and pains -- the third trimester can be really uncomfortable due to hormone fluctuations and the toll on your body. (BACK PAIN BACK PAIN BACK PAIN)
  • Braxton Hicks contractions -- these might be getting stronger or more frequent as your bod gets ready for labor. (oh yeah!)
  • Leaky boobs. Your breasts may already be producing baby's first food, a yellowish substance called colostrum. (oh geez it's going to start already? so far I'm in the clear)

I'm still running, just not as far or fast as each previous week.  No real cravings or aversions, just trying to stay healthy and not pack on all of the weight.  Happy to report that baby and I are doing well!  I've been looking into acupuncture and am going to try to schedule a treatment for later this month or January depending on availability.  I've heard it'll help with the back pain and am willing to try anything! 

Friday, December 12, 2014

Running while pregnant

As I enter my 3rd (and final) trimester of my second pregnancy, I figured it would be a good time to address running while pregnant.  I use the term "running" loosely since my stride has become more of a jogging/fast walking.  I "ran" almost 40 weeks while pregnant with Mason and feel this pregnancy might be the same.
Today I ran 4 miles in under 40 minutes!
Since I'm not technically training for anything, my speed and distance doesn't quite matter.  I'm just happy I'm still out there running and getting some exercise.  Not to mention running has always been my stress release and I couldn't imagine not running a few times a week.

Lately I've been running anywhere from 10-15 miles a week, with a pace of 10 min/miles up to 12 min/miles. 

According to, "Your distance, speed and intensity will depend on whether you were a beginner, intermediate or advanced exerciser before you became pregnant."

Based on the chart they provide, I am considered an advanced exerciser:  
during 1st trimester - You were running 15–20 miles a week consistently for 6 months or more prior to pregnancy and occasionally competed in races. You can continue this routine except for the racing. If you feel as if you are overexerting yourself, walk or discontinue the routine until you feel stronger.

during 2nd trimester -  You can run as many as 5 days a week if you feel comfortable. Work out in a pool on days when you are feeling tired or are not up for a run.

during 3rd trimester - You surely are feeling the extra weight you are carrying. If you still feel good and want to continue running, then do so. You may find that you don’t feel comfortable running as long or for as many days a week as you did in the first two trimesters. If you feel unstable, walk or continue your runs in a pool.

The article further provides some guidelines to keep in mind as you continue to run during your pregnancy:

Use the talk test. - try having a conversation while exercising ... as long as you can still talk then you are getting enough oxygen to baby
Stop if you experience pain, fever, bleeding, dizziness, faintness, pubic pain, persistent headache, sudden swelling, difficulty walking, lack of normal fetal movement or an abnormally rapid heartbeat.
Rest if you feel extreme fatigue. Listen to your body, and don’t overdo it.
Drink up. Add 8 ounces of water to your total daily fluid intake for every 30 minutes of exercise. Stay cool by dressing in breathable layers that you can shed. In warm weather, exercise early or late in the day, and ratchet down the intensity.
Watch your back. Back pain is common during pregnancy; if you experience it, make sure your exercise routine isn’t the culprit.
Watch the clock. Don’t work out at a high intensity for more than 40 minutes at a time.

So basically, don't overdo it.  Listen to your body.  Take it easy ... after all baby comes first!  Exercising while pregnant will help with excessive weight gain and ultimately with the baby's delivery.  I'm all for it!

Definitely check out Fit Pregnancy's article, "Stride Right," for more tips and explanations!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Pregnancy #2 - week 27

Here we are ... week 27 and I'm trying to get this post up on time (Wednesday) and not super late.

I still have to take my pictures but as I'm sitting at a meeting I figured I should get started on some of the mindless babble I usually fill these posts with.

My glucose testing was last Friday and I passed.  Yahoo!  I was totally scared of failing since I've had a major sweet tooth the past 27 weeks, haha.  I also got weighed and saw that I am at 123 pounds, only 1 pound gained in the past 4 weeks.

from, "baby is the size of a rutabaga.  At 13.6 to 14.8 inches and 1.5 to 2.5 pounds, she's not just getting bigger, she's getting smarter."

pregnancy symptoms:
  • The same leg cramps, backaches, constipation and hemorrhoids of previous weeks. (yes except no hemorrhoids ... those sound terrible.)
  • Skin, hair and nail changes -- they might be thicker, grow faster or be more brittle. (yes?  I think my hair is super shiny and thicker than normal)
  • Snissing (that's peeing when you sneeze). Baby is putting a ton of pressure on your bladder. Make frequent pit stops. (no comment)

  •  Gap Body maternity tank, extra small/American Eagle size 0 jeans

    Oh and baby went on his 2nd flight of this pregnancy ... Ryan and I went to Puerto Rico for our babymoon!  4 glorious days of sunshine and zero responsibility.  It was bliss.

    Next doctor's appointment isn't until 12/19 so weight and medical updates will be given during week 29's post. 

    Babymoon - part 4

    Ugh.  It's cold in Charlotte, NC.  How I miss those 80 degree days back in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

    The last part of our babymoon was spent in the city of Fajardo where we jumped on a small boat along with a few other tourists to tour a bioluminescent bay.

    We used the company, Bioisland, to set up the actual tour, that lasted about 1.5 hours.  The "Laguna Grande" is full of plankton that light up in the water when moved.  Our boat's captain was pretty knowledgeable about my camera and was able to set up some killer shots.

    I can't explain how amazing the experience was ... there is just something about being out in the middle of nature, in complete darkness, underneath some beautiful stars.  One of our guides was able to point out more constellations than I have ever seen, even in books.  Not to mention I saw a shooting star ... that was just an OMG moment for sure.

    We got back to the hotel after 11pm and we were exhausted!  The next morning brought a slight flight delay but we made it home to Mason around 6:45pm and I couldn't have been more excited to see him.  We shared this weird laughing/crying moment and I knew he was as happy to see me as I was to see him.

    Thank you to my wonderful husband for taking me on such an amazing trip.  I was so relaxed and content to spend a few days alone with him without a constant toddler interruption :)

    Monday, December 8, 2014

    Babymoon - part 3

    Yesterday afternoon Ryan and I spent 50 blissful minutes getting a couples massage. Since mine was prenatal, I had to spend the duration on my side. There was also no pressure added to any of the motions; the massage was strictly for relaxation. And it was glorious!

    I left the spa feeling refreshed and spent some time at the pool. An hour went by and I realized it was time to figure out a dinner game plan.

    We had spent the previous night in Old San Juan for dinner, so we decided out of convenience to dine at one of the nice restaurants at the Ritz.

    il Mulino is "an authentic Italian restaurant." Ryan and I split an appetizer of langoustines, each had a salad, and I had the mushroom ravioli while he had a veal dish. For dessert we split their tiramisu. I didn't take any pictures while in the restaurant ... Just seemed a little rude since it was such a nice place.

    Ryan did capture this shot after our meal while we were wandering the hotel lobby.

    This morning we ran 2 miles and walked 1.5 miles to the grocery store and to grab breakfast. The rest of the day has been spent at the beach, pool, and now hotel room totally relaxing. It's been fantastic to really sit back and not worry about anything.

    Tonight we will be taking a boat tour in a bioluminescent bay and tomorrow we leave for the states. Hope to have another recap on the rest of our trip up sometime tomorrow night!

    Sunday, December 7, 2014

    Babymoon - part 2

    Whew. It's nice to be sitting, I mean, laying down after all of the walking we've done today.

    After sleeping in Ryan and I finally got out of the hotel for our run.

    We covered 3.7 miles in under 40 minutes. Not a bad view while running.

    After showering and getting ready we cabbed it to Old San Juan to start our sight seeing. We had breakfast at Cafeteria Mallorca, a really cool old school dive.

    We both had the Mallorca sandwich ... Ham, egg, cheese, on a bun dusted with powdered sugar and some cafe con leche to wash it all down.

    It. Was. Amazing. I was smiling after every bite.

    We walked to El Morro, the fortress at one end of Old San Juan then took our time walking back to find some shopping and more eating.

    The rest of the day will be spent at the spa and pool. More updates to come!