Thursday, April 16, 2015

Is 6 weeks too young?

Happy 6 weeks to Anderson today! After days of rain and cold weather I knew I had to take Mason somewhere that was indoors to play.

The ymca allows babies as young as 6 weeks to enter their daycare.

I dropped Mason off at his new room, ages 3-5, and then went to the membership counter to register Anderson. It's an extra $6 a month for him to be added which I think is well worth it for part time babysitting.

He's been asleep in the car seat this entire time but it's nearing feeding time, so I'm not sure how he's acting currently. I wanted to give Mason a full hour in his room but am thinking of grabbing my boys and avoiding a possible baby meltdown.

I managed to run 2 miles around the indoor track. I'm exhausted from little sleep last night and just wanted a child free break ... Even if it was for 30 minutes.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

new race on the horizon - speed street 5k

I love entering contests for free things.  Sometimes I even win.  Recently S2F Charlotte posted a contest on their Facebook page for a free entry to the inaugural Speed Street 5k.  Although I have had no experience with Nascar or anything "speed street" related, I posted a picture of Mason from his Turkey Trot, said I would love to run in the upcoming race, and hoped for the best.

Fortunately only 2 other people entered and I suggested that all 3 of us get free entries.  Success!

Race Website

I'm hoping that Mason can sign up for the kids 600 yard fun run and make it a family experience.  I'm hesitant to sign him up right now since that would require Ryan watching Anderson and Mason while I'm racing and I'm not sure how he feels about that.

from their website:
Have you ever wanted to run “Speed Street”? Well now’s your chance. Don’t miss the inaugural Speed Street 5K, Saturday, May 23, 2015 at 8 a.m. Start and finish line located at the NASCAR Hall of Fame with awards presentations from Speed Street’s Coca-Cola stage.

and he says ... "see you in a year!"

This morning I had my post partum check up at the ob/gyn office.  I had scheduled it at 9:30am, thinking that I would have plenty of time after dropping Mason off at school.  Anderson and I made It with 15 minutes to spare, but I hadn't factored in feeding time for Anderson so he was pretty cranky. 

Fortunately I was able to feed him while still in the exam room since the actual examination only took a few minutes. 

weight this morning - 116 pounds (still up 8 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight.  I blame the Dairy Queen blizzard I had last night)

they checked my blood pressure and did a hemoglobin finger prick and then had the doctor check me out "down there."  he said my stitches were healed and that I looked fine and "see you in a year."

after going to so many appointments since last June it was nice to know that I wouldn't have to go back to that office for a year ... assuming I don't have any separate issues. 

I can't believe it's been 6 weeks (tomorrow) since giving birth to Anderson.  I'm still not sleeping great (obviously), still eating way too many desserts, slowly increasing my fitness routine, and grade myself overall at an 85%.  I'm grouchy/cranky more often than not, and find myself more down than usual.  Duh ... all emotions that will go away once more time has passed.

In the meantime I'll keep doing what I'm doing and trying to stay afloat ... being responsible for a new little person is hard work! 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

One month - Anderson

Although I did weekly updates when Mason was a baby, I knew that wouldn't be realistic this time around.  I'm lucky I had time to jot down a few notes during the past month about Anderson (sorry kid I'll try to make it more fair to be the 2nd child).

Week 1 -
After leaving the hospital and heading home, the highlight of week 1 was heading to the pediatrician's office for a weight check.  Fortunately you gained most of the weight you had lost since being born. 

weight 6 pounds, 14 ounces

Week 2 -
highlights include going to Trader Joe's with mom and having your umbilical cord fall out (gross!).

Week 3 -
the breast pump is out and bottles have been given, both by my mom and by Ryan.  so far you don't hate them.  you've also taken to using a pacifier, which Mason hated as a baby.

Week 4 -
We've been pushing feedings to at least 3 hours apart and so far you've handled it like a champ.  you went to your first brewery and slept the entire time.  don't you know there's beer there?

One month -
At the end of one month you've already managed to roll over!  I think it was a fluke; you were laying on your stomach on the couch and when I came back into the living room you were on your back.  SLOW DOWN.  You have a really strong neck and do lots of tummy time. 
You also had another doctor's appointment where they measured your weight and height and administered a vaccine (ouch!).
weight 10 pounds 2 ounces
height 21.6 inches
You're still sleeping in a cradle device in our room but are getting closer to the big move to your crib.  Most naps are done in the crib so I know you can do it! 
Can't wait to see what the two month update includes. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Thirty six months (3 years)

This update on Mason comes a little late ... after all, he turned 3 years old on March 29th.  Better late than never right?

I was actually waiting for his check up at the doctor's office and it was this morning. 

height - 3' 3.4" (89 percentile)
weight - 36 pounds (86 percentile)

Not sure how this kid continues to be so tall!

The doctor also mentioned it's time for Mason to visit a dentist ... that should be an interesting event.

Oh Mason where to begin ... you thankfully have adopted the art of napping once again.  It's not consistent, but you do manage to nap a few days out of the week.  The rest of the time you stay locked in the room for some much needed quiet time.

You love drinking unsweetened vanilla almond milk every morning and alternate between cinnamon raisin English muffins for breakfast and French toast sticks, along with whatever fruit we have at the moment.

Your latest lunch of choice is peanut butter and jelly rollups (pb&j on a flour tortilla, rolled up and cut into 4 pieces).  You also love raisins, goldfish, apples, cheese, and occasionally grapes.  You recently discovered juice and have not asked for it but have had it at a birthday party or two.

Your treat for taking a nap is a piece of candy ... jelly beans or chocolate.  There is no turning back on candy, but you're pretty reasonable and only eat one that has been allotted. 

You love superheroes, whether its Superman, Batman, or Spiderman.

You are super proficient at using the iPad, especially since your baby brother has been born.  It thankfully has saved us from sending you away to boarding school.

You love going to school and seeing your friends and have started a new gymnastics studio where I drop you off once a week. 

You love spending Saturdays with your dad ... each week he takes you on a fun adventure, complete with lunch afterwards! 

I love you like crazy even though days have gotten long with your three year old tantrums ... they are nothing like those measly two year old tantrums.

You have done better with holding your peepee during naps and even managed to have a dry diaper last night for the first time EVER!  You actually took off your diaper and put on undies, unbeknownst to your parents, before falling asleep.

You're wonderful Mason Alexander.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Postpartum #2 - week 4

Not a whole lot to report ... still about 7 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight.  Still getting used to not sleeping at night and not taking any naps during the day.  Still eating WAY too many sweets and desserts.

Kind of over this whole postpartum period.  I mean I just had a baby and there has been so much change and adjustment.  At what point does one really get used to all of that?  I honestly can't remember when things finally got under control when Mason was a baby.  Who knows when I'll feel like everything is under control this time around?  It. Is. Hard.

I am so lucky to have such a beautiful family ... Anderson fits in perfectly and I know some day things will get easier and I'll be in a groove.  I just don't feel it right now.  I'm tired and cranky and eating way too much chocolate to compensate for my frustration. 

Fortunately running has been an outlet like always.  I still sneak away as much as I can to jog a couple of miles.  Fingers crossed I stop eating my weight in sugar and can get those last few pounds off while re-building some missing muscle mass. 

I have my post baby appointment at the gynecologist on the 15th so I'm sure I'll report back what the doctor says. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March running in review

Who would've thought I would have ANY miles ran during the month of March?  On March 5th I gave birth to Anderson Patrick and was blessed to experience a (smooth) labor and delivery and a (quick) recovery.

I listened to my body and didn't push myself but am proud to have gotten outside 14 times during the month!  I totally took advantage of the free babysitting while my parents were in town and tried to head out for a jog every day I could.

total miles - 32.36 miles
total number of runs - 14
longest distance - 3.11 miles on 3/25
shortest distance - 1 mile on 3/13
average distance - 2.31 miles
fastest pace - 7:47 min/mile on 3/28
slowest pace - 14:35 min/mile on 3/13
I'm excited to see what my postpartum body will do during the month of April.  As of now I have zero expectations of reaching 1000 miles in 2015 but think I'll have a great year of running regardless!